Pearson: Content Strategy and Execution


Pearson provides world-class educational tools, content, products, and services to help people adapt to our changing world, navigate its challenges and opportunities, and make progress in their lives.

Pearson needed to increase product awareness and lead generation for four key audiences: higher education faculty, women in STEM, STEM teachers, and parents of college students.

Each of the four campaigns centered around a core piece of creative (one promoted video, as well as three promoted e-books). We tailored each asset for the specific target audience, helping to generate interest around Pearson’s unique products and services.

To make sure these campaigns were as effective as possible, we took a two-pronged approach to our distribution strategy. 1) Identify which creative content was most effective. 2) Identify which channels were most effective for distributing that content.

The key to success was strategic, aggressive testing. Fortunately, Pearson understood the value of this approach and let us build in time and budget for a testing phase to collect valuable data and optimize our strategy accordingly. With these insights, we could ensure the budget we invested would give them the best ROI.

To do this, we first tested to identify the main audience to target across all campaigns, then segmented further to identify specific audiences for each campaign.

Once we had established the audiences, we tested creative messaging to see which ad variation earned the most conversions (specifically ebook downloads) across Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and native ad placements. We also staggered the campaigns over the course of 6 months. This allowed us to use the insights gained from each campaign to inform the next, helping to continuously improve our results.

To track our results, we presented weekly reports to Pearson outlining insights from each campaign. This transparency helped us work with Pearson effectively—and helped their teams learn from each other’s campaigns.

Thanks to this strategic approach, we were able to help Pearson reach the right customers across the web, earning:

  • 615,745 views for the awareness campaign
  • 840 total ebook downloads

Above all, working with a collaborative partner who understood the value of time and intentional testing was the true secret to success.