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  • Work smarter, not harder with these tips to get more mileage out of your content and create more marketing campaigns with less work.

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    To find out if your marketing campaigns are working, you need to track your results effectively. Here are our best tips to determine your success. 

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    Good marketing campaigns are really just good stories. Check out these creative campaigns from five brands who might inspire your next campaign. 

    If your marketing campaigns aren’t working, you might be making one of these rookie mistakes. Turn things around with these helpful tips.

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    Find out how to drastically improve your marketing campaigns with our step-by-step guide to create successful campaigns that increase your ROI.

    Find out why breaking your content strategy into marketing campaigns helps you work more effectively, efficiently, and economically.

    Content creation is tough, but you can make it easier with these tips to find your flow, increase your productivity, and create stuff you’re proud of.

    Column Five is happy to announce our “Content Marketing Project of the Year” and “Best Podcast/Audio Series” wins at the 2019 Content Marketing Awards.

    To make good content, work smarter—not harder. From copywriting to design, try these 100+ tools, tips, and resources to master content creation.