Intuit: Interactive Marketing Quiz

Content Creation

The Client

Intuit is a financial software company that helps people and businesses handle their taxes, books, and more. Through their Firm of the Future publication, Intuit acts as a trusted advisor to accountants, creating helpful content and sharing expert advice to help accountants improve their practices.


Interactive Content, Social Media Content, Web Design and Development

The Opportunity

Knowing that accountants at small firms often struggle to market their services, Intuit asked us to help create an asset that would educate their audience about marketing and empower them to grow their practices.

The Solution

Accountants are very busy people (our own included), so they don’t always have the time, resources, or know-how to dive into marketing strategy. Knowing this, we wanted to create an asset that was simple, easy-to-consume, and—above all—truly useful. After brainstorming with the Intuit team, we found the right idea: an interactive 2-Minute Marketing Plan Machine that would provide users with a marketing plan customized for their needs.

The Deliverables

  • Interactive quiz
  • 3 marketing plans
  • Social assets for promotion

The Execution

Every accounting firm requires different things from their marketing plan, depending on their unique goals and resources. So, to make the tool as useful as possible, we first designed an interactive quiz to assess the state of the accountant’s current marketing efforts, as well as their skill level, time, resources, and team size.

Then, using our years of content marketing expertise, we crafted three different marketing plans tailored for those different skill levels and abilities. Each plan included step-by-step instructions to set up and execute a simple marketing plan over the course of a month, along with actionable tips to succeed through social, email, and other marketing channels. For convenience, we turned the plans into downloadable PDFs, making them easy for accountants to access (and share) with their teams.

In the end, we achieved our goal by designing a seamless interactive that could get a custom marketing plan in an accountant’s hand faster than a cup of coffee.

The Results

We’re happy to say the quiz was a huge success. Not only was Intuit able to offer useful content in a refreshing format for their audience, they were also able to:

  • Gain deeper insight into their accountant partners’ unique struggles.
  • Generate quality leads.
  • Offer their audience useful content to directly impact their business, positioning the brand as a trusted resource.

It was so successful that the quiz inspired a spinoff by the Intuit ProConnect Group, who created their own interactive Business Analysis.

From the Client