Column Five Weekly Roundup

Column Five Weekly Roundup

We love visual content—in all its forms. Whether it’s great data visualization or innovative design, we are inspired by work well done. And we believe that good work deserves to be shared. That’s why we showcase our favorite finds from across the web each Friday. 

The Refugee Project Interactive Map
By Hyperakt & Ekene Ijeoma

Refugee project map

This interactive map uses UN data to visualize refugee migrations around the world in each year since 1975. Users can view and compare refugee populations, see where refugees have found asylum, and learn more about the historical context around major migrations. The project was created to support the UN Refugee Agency, the organization in charge of protecting the more than 35 million refugees in the world.

American Whaling Mapped
By Ben Schmidt

Now we know what 200 years worth of ocean journeys look like, thanks to this incredible visualization. Using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Schmidt traced every voyage to create a single, stunning image of the world.

By Genis Carreras


The fascinating “Philographics” series features philosophical theories visualized through minimalist design. We love the bold colors and clean design—a perfect example of pieces that are as beautiful as they are informative.

NBA Logos Redesigned as Soccer Team Logos
By Milan Vučković

NBA logos redesigned as soccer logos

This is a great concept and a fantastic execution (meticulous right down to the color). As fans of both sports and design, these fresh interpretations inspired spirited debate in office.

SwatchMate Color Capturing Cube

Our designers were swooning over this new genius gadget, which lets you record color on your smartphone or computer. We’re happy to see it nearly doubled its Kickstarter goal; now we just have to wait.

What inspired you this week?

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