Post Ratio: Beautiful Things for a Better Life

We’re lucky. We get to spend our days working with good people, helping them build their brands and celebrate their success. We love it. But, in order to push ourselves and grow, sometimes we need to experiment with something new.

Creating Column Five was a happy accident, and growing the agency has been a journey. But over the last decade of working in mainly digital content, we’ve been searching for a creative outlet that lets us put more tangible work into the world. More specifically, we’ve been thinking of a way to not only serve our creative needs but use our skills to encourage people to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.

Creating unique products has always been one of our team’s favorite pastimes. We’ve enjoyed doing it each year for our client gifts (see our custom playing cards, award-winning data visualization poster, salt-and-pepper shakers, and art prints), and we wanted a more consistent opportunity to do it. So we’re launching our own brand, as well as an online storefront.

Enter Post Ratio, our new brand of thoughtfully designed goods to help you live better.

What Is Post Ratio?

Products that tell a story—or help you tell your life story—in some way.

Without getting all Marie Kondo, we do think the things you surround yourself with should be beautiful, functional, and inspiring. That’s why we’re focusing on unique products that enhance your life in some way and help you live better. What does that look like?

It’s things like our Zzzz Baby Poster, which lets you track your baby’s first year of sleep while creating a museum-worthy data visualization to hang in the nursery or keep as a memento. It’s a less creepy way to remember your child’s early days than saving their umbilical cord, hair, and baby teeth. (But if you’re into that stuff, that’s cool—no judgment.)

Similarly, our Zzzz Poster lets you track your sleep (one of the most important elements of health) to let you see whether you’re getting enough. This poster also includes some tips, which we’ve tested ourselves, to improve your sleep.

Why This, Why Now?

We aren’t just launching Post Ratio for fun. For us, Post Ratio is:

  • Educational: We wanted to take on the challenge of building a consumer brand. It seemed fun to validate some of the ideas we have (but don’t always have an outlet to experiment with).
  • Meaningful: We care about the work we do. We want to do good in the world, and we want our time spent here to be meaningful. Above all, we want to help people live better, which is why we’re deliberate about the partners we choose and the work we do. The products we’re creating aren’t just beautiful; they serve to enhance our lives in some way.

Why Did We Call It Post Ratio?

We chose the name because it represents what we’re all trying to incorporate into our own life: balance—in work, health, relationships, and just about everything else.

Ready to See The Goods?

We’re starting small, with a few carefully curated items that will be available to everyone, anytime.

We’re already working on a few new ideas, which we will release this autumn. From there, expect to see regular drops several times per year.

Until then, take a look for yourself, and stay tuned for more.

All the good things,

—Column Five