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Annual Reports

Tell the story of your achievements through beautifully designed annual reports that keep people’s attention.

Why Annual Report Design Matters

Annual reports communicate important and relevant information for businesses and nonprofits, but important insights and takeaways can be lost when the information isn’t delivered in an easily digestible and engaging format. That’s why presentation is key. Beautiful annual report design tells a more engaging story by using compelling copy, impactful data visualizations, and attention-grabbing imagery to bring facts and figures to life. This approach makes it easier for your viewer to process key information and, most importantly, understand its meaning and value.

Formats for Annual Reports

While printed annual reports have been the standard for many years, there are many opportunities to tell your story in creative ways, including: 

  • Print

    Print annual reports can become veritable works of art with creative, intentional, and unique executions. 

  • Digital

    Digital reports are ideal for online distribution—perfect to showcase on your website or social media. 

  • Interactive

    Interactive reports are a particularly creative format, allowing your viewer to explore the parts of the story that are most interesting. 

  • Video

    Video annual reports are highly shareable and communicate your story highlights in less time.

Depending on your brand’s audience, you may find one format to be more engaging than another.

How We Approach Annual Report Design

Through our proven strategy and production process, we work alongside your team to identify the core story, appropriate format, and visual treatment to bring your annual report to life. By applying our unique storytelling skills and design expertise, we craft interesting and engaging annual reports that reflect your brand identity, communicate your mission, and make it easier for viewers to connect with your organization.

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