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annual report

7 Brands That Nailed Their Annual Reports

Looking for inspiring annual reports? We’ve got ’em. Enjoy this roundup of awesome examples from B2B, nonprofits, government organizations, and more.

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Project Snapshot: Krochet Kids intl.’s Annual Report

We are really grateful to have the chance to collaborate with a variety of organizations doing fantastic work. Kroched Kids intl. is the latest non-profit we teamed with to create their unique annual report.For every project, half of the magic is in the making, so we love to share some of the behind-the-scenes with you. Here, the team chats about how it came to be.

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12 Visual Content Lessons From Warby Parker’s Annual Report

Some brands know just how to communicate. Column Five cofounder shares 12 lessons from Warby Parker’s annual report.

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