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data visualization

InterMedia’s Financial Inclusion Insights Website and Data Tool

We were honored to team up with InterMedia to build a new website and robust yet simple interactive tool for filtering and comparing a wealth of their financial data. The project was a big undertaking, and we’re so proud of the final result. Read on for more details about our partnership and work. About InterMedia…

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Live Data Visualization Exhibit – Fear of Failure

We teamed up with the Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD) to create a month-long exhibit on the “Fear of Failure and Creative Success.” This exhibit features several installations that shed light on the correlation between failure and creative success. The idea behind the exhibit is to examine the observation that all creative successes first…

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Visual Content Marketing On The Rise

The folks at Hubspot recently released a set of visual content marketing statistics. Since the stats are solely focused on how visuals are used in content marketing efforts, we were immediately drawn to this article and its findings. As people who create visual content every day, it’s reassuring to see how these efforts are resulting in higher engagement and…

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Q&A: Toby Sterrett of Simple Talks Design and Data in the Banking World

When you visit your bank’s website or get your new debit card in the mail, the last word that probably comes to mind is “beautiful.” But we have to say that Simple, a new banking company whose beautiful design embodies its name, is definitely not a regular banking company. At every touchpoint, from custom reports…

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7 Tips for Using Data in Your Presentations

When it comes to giving presentations, a well-designed visual aid can help you get your point across quickly and clearly. Couple this with solid data to add objective validation to your ideas, and you’ve struck presentation gold.

Including cold, hard numbers lends credibility to your presentation—and using data visualization can make those numbers easier to understand. How? Follow these 7 tips for using data in your presentations, so you can be more effective and memorable.

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What Makes a Data Visualization Memorable?

As data designers, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to present information most effectively. It’s not just about making data look good; it’s about making the experience of viewing that data better for the audience in many ways. A recent MIT study took a look at the issue to determine whether or not

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3 Reasons to Embrace Data-Driven Storytelling

Data is a powerful tool to enhance your content and support your argument. Here are 3 reasons to embrace data-driven storytelling.

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Introducing the Socially Generative Visualization

Introducing the socially generative visualization: Real-time data collection meets interactive infographics with this useful technology.

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