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Newsroom Creative – Weekly Roundup

The summer is officially here! That means trips to Disneyland, movie theaters, and airports—all three of which have made their way into this week’s newsroom creative roundup. Whenever we get ahold of a good data set, we immediately try to visualize it to look for an interesting story worth telling. These three pieces of microcontent really jumped…

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How We’re Scaling Visual Content Marketing

According to a new study by Pulse Point, the top barrier for marketers in creating more content is the “lack of resources/budget to deliver high-quality content efficiently.” We took that challenge to heart and decided to come up with a solution. Our answer? A new content marketing program called Newsroom Creative. At the heart of…

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Visual Content Marketing On The Rise

The folks at Hubspot recently released a set of visual content marketing statistics. Since the stats are solely focused on how visuals are used in content marketing efforts, we were immediately drawn to this article and its findings. As people who create visual content every day, it’s reassuring to see how these efforts are resulting in higher engagement and…

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Media Use in the Middle East – Northwestern University in Qatar

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Northwestern University in Qatar (NUQ) for the last three years. Every year, NUQ conducts a survey about Media Use In The Middle East. Our team then creates a website and interactive data tool that helps users dig into the survey data. More than 6,000 respondents across six Arab countries were…

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4 Ways Micro-Content Helps Your Brand

Sharing a steady stream of content on social is a great way to engage your audience. Here are 4 ways micro-content helps your brand.

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