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Introducing Column Five’s First Video Game: Groove Glider

During our last office-wide Hack Day, we closed down shop for a day to work on a few C5 projects and experiment with creating some cool stuff—just because. Now we’re excited to share one of those projects with you. Check out Groove Glider, the first official Column Five video game. (Pro tip: You should turn your…

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Q&A: Why Metrico’s Game Designers Were Inspired by Infographics

This post originally appeared on Visage. Infographics are more than mainstream; they’re moving into the immersive entertainment world. The new video game Metrico (great name, even better tagline: A Game About Infographics and Free Will), was inspired by—of all things—infographics. Mirroring the minimalist infographic design aesthetic and gamifying users’ data input, Metrico combines all our…

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