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Don’t Let Shadow IT Haunt You

According to Forrester, mobile device (smartphone or tablet) adoption in the U.S. has grown 24% year over year in 2015. Another report found that only 57 percent of employees are aware of their company’s security policies, which means that 43 percent or more might be actively bypassing company security policies and not even know it.

So what does that mean for businesses?
As mobile device adoption grows and the concept of work continues to change, employees are going to use the apps and devices they want to make them feel more productive – with little consideration for company policy. When employees go around policies for email access or copying sensitive enterprise data to personal devices and using consumer apps, that’s called Shadow IT.

Shadow IT can be tough to tackle because companies don’t always know what devices and apps employees are using or how they’re circumventing company policies. Following the steps we’ve outlined will help businesses get processes in place to partner with their employees to keep business information safe and private throughout the security lifecycle.

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