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Infographic: Everything You Never Needed to Know About Twerking

If you’ve been paying attention to the video sharing app Vine for a few months, or have a deep working knowledge of Southern rap history, then twerking is probably nothing new to you. Otherwise, Miley Cyrus’s raunchy performance at the VMAs this year all but ensured that you’ve at least heard the term. Like the Harlem Shake, the short-lived milking, and the ubiquitous planking before it, twerking has empowered a generation of sharers, followers and fans to strut their best stuff on their social media channels. But before you press record on your cell phone cam, it’s best you at least know what you’re getting into. Well, allow us to fill in the blanks for you on the latest dance craze, with the official Twerking Infographic. We did our homework on the DIY booty-shaking trend, and here we bring you fully up to speed on it, for better or worse.

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