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Brand Publishing Made Simple

Bloggers, influencers, reviewers, tweeters, brands, your next door neighbor, everyone is a publisher these days.  Each day we are bombarded with over 5,000 brand exposures and hundreds of ads served to us by companies wanting to sell to us.  This led to the development of content marketing as a strategy, providing value and education to people before going for the sale.  This is where many brands stop their publishing, a few pieces of content but not a consistent stream of great content.  We believe in a different approach, one called brand as publisher, where brands deliver consistent & regular content to help you take your brand to the next level.  That is what Microsoft Marketing is, a brand as publisher site focused on bringing you the latest in marketing knowledge to help you take your marketing to new heights.  Check out the infographic we made with Microsoft below on how brand publishing can be made simple.

We create great content that brings people to your website.