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Smarter Education Systems

We partnered up with The World Bank to create two interactive data-visualizations that allow users to explore the different ways The World Bank is funding new educational initiatives worldwide. The first interactive takes a historical look at education financing via The World Bank from 2000 to 2015. Within this interactive users can see the specific projects that have been conducted over the last 15 years on a regional level.


The second interactive showcases the education knowledge products published by the World Bank Group since the launch of the “Learning for All” strategy in 2011. This tool includes published works formally categorized by the World Bank as: briefs, policy research working papers, publications, education sector reviews, and other educational studies. The user has the ability to filter these work types by: education area, document type, region, and education level. Overall, this interactive allows users to really dig deep into a large field of data to get the information they desire quickly, and efficiently.

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