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Child of the 90s

In January 2013, Microsoft released the Column Five-created “Child of the 90s” video for Internet Explorer to support the “Browser You Loved To Hate” campaign and introduce a new, positive brand message. The video capitalized on ’90s nostalgia to reach Gen Y-ers who have long since abandoned IE. Our goal was to welcome a new dialogue by reminding viewers of their early relationship with the brand (through the tagline, “You grew up, so did we”) and inviting them to reacquaint themselves at the BrowserYouLovedToHate.com site. Within five days of release, the spot become a viral hit, racking up more than 7 million views. (It currently has more than 47 million views.) It has been nominated for both a Webby and a Mashie, was awarded the top prize in the film category for the Ads of the World January 2013 and has received massive media pickup. We are thrilled with the results—and especially grateful to have helped reframe the conversation between an established brand and a generation of potential users.

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