Work of the Week – McGraw Hill, Can Capital, Apttus

This week, we’re highlighting a few projects that were a lot of fun to work on in very different ways. Together with our friends at McGraw-Hill, Can Capital, and Apttus, we had the pleasure of taking some potentially rather stuffy topics and shaking up the storytelling to make things interesting. With a wealth of art and tech possibilities at our fingertips, there’s just no reason to be boring, and each of our partners on these graphics saw the potential to do something different and seized it. We were all pretty happy with the results and hope you’ll enjoy checking them out. Happy summer!

McGraw-Hill – Understanding Why Students Drop Out of High School

The stigma associated with dropping out of high school is nothing new, but it doesn’t always relate the truth of each particular situation. Aware of the realities many dropouts face, McGraw-Hill sought to relate to them in a new way, while sharing information on how taking the equivalency test can help them overcome circumstances to succeed. For a fun approach to an otherwise bleak subject matter, the folks at McGraw-Hill reach out to us to produce a series of comic-style graphics highlighting various relatable stories of high school dropouts turning their struggles into educational success.

McGraw_Hill Comics


Can Capital – Adapting to Technology

When their latest study on technological adoption revealed small-business owners’ focus on stability over growth, Can Capital looked to deliver the results in an equally tech-savvy way. Rather than show simple statistics on a page, we teamed up with their creative team to devise an illustrative style focused on animating the exciting aspects of the various tech advancements that today’s small-business owners have embraced. The resultant graphic highlights and celebrates the current technological trends, as it looks to future advancement.



Apttus – The Evolution of Business Contracts

Contracts excite very few people. Let’s be real: If you don’t have to read them, you probably never do. But when your business delivers a damn cool company contract management solution, you want to get the word out there. So, you do what the smart people at Apttus did: You look for new and compelling ways to discuss the subject. Like, did you know the iTunes user agreement we all scroll right past to use the app actually has more words than one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays?! To find out which and read more of the fascinating facts about the oldest and most important aspect of successful commerce, check out the graphic we helped produce.

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