Work of the Week – NBC Universal, Cornell University, Microsoft

In this Work of the Week, we had the pleasure of teaming up with NBC Universal, Cornell University, and Microsoft to help communicate each brand’s story in an engaging and visual way. We’re spotlighting these three partners because they all have something in common: motion graphics. Our collaboration with these awesome brands produced three custom motion graphics used in each company’s promotional efforts in their custom campaigns.

Motion graphics are an effective form of communication because they involve both the visual (eyes) and auditory (ears) senses. This results in greater comprehension of the content. 


NBC Universal – #NoFoodWasted

Wanting to showcase their organization’s commitment to sustainability, the great folks at NBC Universal created the Green is Universal campaign to highlight the company’s focus on bringing an environmental perspective to everything they do—driving more sustainable practices into operations, while informing and entertaining audiences. To showcase this initiative, we collaborated on the below motion graphic. With great pieces of data that NBC wanted to drive home, we helped refine the story and streamlined the narrative with eye-catching animation to deliver a concise and engaging end product.


Cornell University – Giving Day

This year, Cornell University launched its first-ever Cornell Giving Day, a single day of fundraising targeted at alumni, their parents, and friends of the university. To help promote the campaign, Cornell wanted a series of motion graphics to use in their promotional efforts. With their guidance, we created 4 motion graphic teasers and 1 full-length motion graphic to showcase the campaign—and as a result, the inaugural Cornell Giving Day raised nearly $7 million in donations. We couldn’t be more happy for them.


Microsoft & W3C – Web Standards for the Future

To explain the importance of Web standards, we partnered up with Microsoft and W3C to create an explainer motion graphic showing the journey to today’s open Web and development’s progression over the last decade leading up to HTML 5. The video’s a strong example of using animation, voice over, and kinetic text to tell a cohesive story, and we hope you’ll agree.

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