Work of the Week: Nokia’s Rube Goldberg Machine and More

We love the creative process, but it feels pretty damn good to wrap a project and share it with the world. Each week, we show off a few pieces that we’ve created with our partners to show what we’ve been up to lately (and maybe prove that we don’t just play ping-pong all day).  Check out this Work of the Week, and if you want to see more, check out our portfolio.

History in the Making (Live-Action Video)

Ever wonder what happened to your old Nokia cell phone? It might have made it into the Rube Goldberg machine we created in this live-action video for Nokia Devices & Services and Microsoft. The video celebrates their new partnership, which makes everything a little #MoreColorful. (Shout-out to Lead Machine Engineer Brett Doar for the flawless execution.)

Risks for Bangladesh in a Hotter World (Infographic)

With global warming on the rise, certain areas of the world will be negatively affected. Bangladesh is especially at risk. We collaborated with the World Bank to create an infographic detailing the serious problems the country may soon face.


Know Your Slums, Know Your City (Interactive)

What is life like in slum settlements around the world? This interactive, created in partnership with the Santa Fe Institute and Slum and Shack Dwellers International, visualizes groundbreaking data collected from 7,000 informal settlements. From water access to medical care, this interactive sheds light on the poverty and challenges faced daily.

Slums Interactive

A Nation in Need of Nurses (Infographic)

As Baby Boomers age, the healthcare industry faces an extreme shortage of nurses to help the retiring population. Despite the fact that the occupation is expected to grow in the next few years, demand will still outpace supply. This infographic, created in partnership with Rasmussen College, examines this growing problem.

Rasmussen Infographic

Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Infographic)

The Charity Aid foundation surveyed 160 countries to find out which countries are most generous, measuring generosity in three categories: volunteering, helping strangers, and donating money. We created this infographic for GOOD Magazine to visualize the results.

Bridge over troubled waters


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