Work of the Week – TakePart, Highfive, Marketo

This week, we’re featuring great projects from great partners. In honor of the upcoming July 4th holiday, we’re showcasing a motion graphic we collaborated on with TakePart delivering some hard facts about veterans who return from war. We’re also featuring a new partnership with Highfive that highlights how to make your meetings a more productive. Lastly, we’re spotlighting one of our most popular infographics of all time with our long-time partner, Marketo.

TakePart – Return The Service

America’s veterans have all sacrificed their time and efforts (and sometimes even much more) to help keep this country safe and make it better. After returning from war, however, many of these vets aren’t able to get the care they need to deal with the resultant physical, mental, or emotional trauma. We partnered with TakePart on a campaign called “Return The Service,” which centers around raising awareness for veteran care after their selfless service.


Highfive – Give Your Meetings A Wake-Up Call

We’re all guilty of multi-tasking during conference calls—63% of people have admitted to sending emails while on a conference call. Perhaps more surprising, 9% confess to exercising during a conference call! That’s actually pretty impressive. We partnered with Highfive to create this infographic on all the things people seem to be doing on conference calls when they should be engaged in the conversation.


Marketo – What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business

One of our most successful infographics comes from the partnership we’ve established with Marketo. Together, we collaborated on an infographic analyzing the top 100 brands’ company logos. Focused on how colors represent your brand, this study has been a great resource for companies undergoing visual identity projects.

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