Work of the Week: The Millennial Rebuttal, Roasting a Turkey, and More

We’re lucky to get to do good work with great partners, constantly creating a variety of visual content. Whether it’s an annual report, infographic, or live-action video, we love the challenge. But what we love most is getting to share these projects with the world, so we take time each week to do just that. Check out this Work of the Week, and if you want to see more of what we do, check out our portfolio. 

The Millennial Rebuttal (Video)

They say Millennials don’t care; they’re apathetic and addicted to technology. But what Millennials do online may tell a different story. We created this video with Wellzoo to show what Millennials are really about.

The First-Timer’s Guide to Roasting a Turkey (Infographic)

Let’s be real: The holidays can be stressful. And if you’re in charge of cooking, extra pressure’s on to prepare the centerpiece of the holiday meal: the turkey. But if you’ve never roasted a turkey before, where do you start? We wanted to help, so we created this convenient infographic to guide you.



Waste In Space (Infographic)

Currently, a thick band of levitating space junk — composed primarily of broken satellite pieces and discarded rocket boosters — skirts the Earth, endangering satellites in orbit and other space craft. This infographic, created with GOOD, shows the threat this junk poses.



How to Give a Gift to Your Boss (Like a Boss) (Infographics)

So you want to show your appreciation to your boss, but you don’t want to come off too cheesy or too cocky. These infographics, made in partnership with e-bay, show you how to do professional gift-giving the right way.

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