Work of the Week: Single New Yorkers, Generation Z and More

Column Five is no one-trick pony; we’re constantly creating a variety of visual content with our partners. Whether it’s an annual report, infographic or live-action video, we love the challenge. But what we love most is getting to share these projects with the world, so we take time each week to do just that. Check out this Work of the Week, and if you want to see more of what we do, check out our portfolio.

Single in the City (Infographic)

Dating is tough no matter where you are, but it’s a whole other ball game in New York. This graphic, created in partnership with Bravo and Gawker, takes a look at the anatomy of a single New Yorker.

Data Visualization 101: How to Design Charts and Graphs (E-Book)

Bad data visualization can hurt the impact of your message—and your credibility. We created this e-book, a collaboration between Visage and HubSpot, to teach everyone how to design accurate and effective charts and graphs.

Generation Z: Marketing’s Next Big Audience (Infographic)

We’ve all heard about Millennials, but Generation Z is the newest emerging demographic. This graphic, made with Marketo, examines this fascinating generation to find out how marketers should cater to them.

Generation Z Marketings Next Big Audience

Strategic Use and Priorities (Presentation Design)

The Climate and Land Use Alliance is dedicated to realizing the potential of forested and agricultural landscapes to mitigate climate change, benefit people and protect the environment. This extensive report details the organization’s initiatives over the next three years.

Funding the Final Frontier (Infographic)

The media has often speculated about what may or may not become of NASA. Will we ever reach Mars? Should we go back to the moon? This infographic, created in partnership with GOOD, examines the organization’s plans and five-year budget.

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