Work of the Week: Valentine’s Day, Human Kindness, and More

We’re lucky to get to do good work with great partners, constantly creating a variety of visual content. Whether it’s an annual report, infographic, or live-action video, we love the challenge. But what we love most is getting to share these projects with the world, so we take time each week to do just that. Check out this Work of the Week, and if you want to see more of what we do, check out our portfolio.

Valentine’s Day by the Numbers (Infographic)

Are you among the 62% of adults who say they celebrate Valentine’s Day? Discover the history of the most romantic day of the year in this infographic, created in collaboration with, and find out just how much sparkling wine, chocolate, and candy Americans purchase in its honor.


Paychecks and the City (Infographic)

What is it like to be a renter in a major U.S. city? We partnered with Appfolio to create this infographic, which looks at the market for modern renters.


Human Kindness (Infographics)

Dignity Health encourages us all to take steps toward #humankindness. These graphics give simple tips to make someone’s day better—no matter who you are.

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The Price of Love (Infographic)

With so many dating sites out there, is it worth it to pay to find love? We collaborated with on this infographic to take a look at the cost of online dating.

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