From Aspiration to Action

Malaria No More

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to work with great partners, driven to make the world a better place. Recently we had the pleasure of teaming up with Malaria No More on an interactive report. Malaria No More is determined to end malaria deaths around the world. They’re helping the world get it done by engaging leaders, rallying the public, and delivering life-saving tools and education to families across Africa.

We partnered with Malaria No More to help visualize a new report released by the United Nations and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The microsite showcases the highlights and findings of the new report called “From Aspiration to Action: What Will It Take To End Malaria.” Within the interactive experience we dive into the global investment in total malaria eradication by 2040, as well as new tools that will be used in this monumental effort.

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