Othering & Belonging Institute Video

Motion Graphics, Video Direction and Production

Othering & Belonging Institute

The Othering & Belonging Institute brings researchers, organizers, stakeholders, communicators, and policymakers together to help create an inclusive, just, and sustainable society. We’ve partnered with them for some time now, and while we’ve always valued their work, their mission has been particularly relevant this year, as racial justice, social unrest, and political instability threaten our society.

To shine a light on the danger of unaccountable corporations, the Institute asked us to create a promotional explainer video that could be used as a conversation starter to educate viewers about the subject and compel them to learn more. Luckily, the beauty of motion is that you can rely on visual and audio to tell the story. Visuals should always reinforce the narrative, but in the case of this video, figuring out what to depict was the core challenge. We wanted to strike the right tone, as this is a serious subject, but also find a way to visually communicate ideas that are abstract, such as wealth inequality.

The solution was a collage-style motion graphic video, blending photography, animation, kinetic text, graphics, and voice-over to tell the story. We used a limited color palette to communicate the dire situation, but intentionally used accent colors to help emphasize key elements in the narrative and convey a sense of urgency.

The video communicates a larger story in a short amount of time, providing value to the viewer. Paired with the video viewer’s guide, a PDF of discussion questions prompted by the video, it’s the perfect conversation starter to help the Institute educate the public.

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