Stay-at-Home Video

Video Direction and Production

Column Five

In a pre-pandemic world, our team was already used to working remotely. Portland, New York, Boise, LA—we’re everywhere. But that didn’t make the isolation of stay-at-home orders any easier. We missed being in the office, or having the option to be in the office. But we decided that even if we couldn’t be together IRL, we could still do something together. And we felt the need to express solidarity not just with each other but with our larger community.
So we decided to collectively create a video to capture what we were all experiencing.

As part of our group project, everyone in the office submitted a stay-at-home story in the form of a video clip documenting a part of their day. The result was a beautiful collection of moments. From birthdays and ultrasounds to stretch breaks and craft projects, they were mundane, sweet, surprising, and even scary. And when edited together, they showed us just how connected we really are—an honest reminder that life goes on even in hard times.