Sweet Mission

Brand Heart, Branding, Identity, Logo Design, Visual Language Design, Web Design and Development

Sweet Mission is a cookie company with a larger mission: to help people with tumultuous pasts get back on their feet through employment, mentorship, and the skills needed to eventually run their own businesses. After hearing Sweet Mission founder Jason Mercado speak about how he had pulled himself out of homelessness and founded his business to help others do the same, we were so moved by his story we offered our services to help Sweet Mission build their brand. To do this, we helped Sweet Mission identify their Brand Heart (their purpose, vision, mission, values) and created an identity inspired by the shapes of mixing bowls (as a nod to baking). We also designed unique packaging solutions that would let Jason personalize generic packaging to maintain brand consistency, while keeping costs down. This gave Sweet Mission a cohesive, consistent brand presence—and a brand blueprint to grow into the future.

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