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Motion Graphics

Our Motion Graphics

practice was introduced in 2010, in response to clients who were looking for additional ways to engage audiences. The great thing about animated video, as a format, is that it combines both visual and auditory stimuli to evoke a strong emotion and create a solid connection between  a brand, a message and an audience. From a user experience perspective, it’s easy on the those consuming the content, and there are lots of options for creating engaging motion graphic content. (watch “The Value of Data Visualization” to learn more about the power of visual storytelling– in a somewhat meta way). Check out some of our recent work examples, and let us know what you think!

Motion Graphic: The Value Of Data Visualization
Column Five

They say knowledge is power, but how do we make knowledge powerful? The challenge of communicating information becomes especially difficult when trying to convey a message full of complex data, which is often difficult to interpret quickly and clearly to the naked eye. This motion graphic looks at some of the many visual techniques used…

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Motion Graphic: History of the Modern Car

From rubber tires to the GPS, cars have come a long way. In this video for Kia, we detailed the evolution of automobile technology to give viewers a trip down memory lane.

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