100 Awesome Motion Graphic Examples You’ll Wish You Made

by Josh Ritchie

Motion graphics are awesome and highly versatile storytelling tools, which makes them a great addition to your brand’s content marketing mix if you’re looking to tell an interesting story in a succinct format, engage people on social media, or explain your product.

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Why Motion Graphics Are Great For Brands

Online video has been on the rise now that mobile is pervasive and social platforms are more video-friendly. And while there are many types of content that can engage people, motion graphic videos are particularly suited to help brands tell their stories.

  • They’re emotionally captivating. With VO, music, beautiful animations, and powerful narratives, they can make you laugh, cry, and learn.
  • They make content easier to comprehend. Motion graphics are a fantastic tool to explain processes, products, or dense subjects—in a short amount of time. (Here are some great examples of explainer videos if you want to see them at work.)
  • They don’t require much from the viewer. People can sit back and watch, without having to spend much energy.
  • They’re easy to repurpose. You can cut one motion graphic into several 30-second promotional vids, update VO, or turn your existing motion graphics into static infographics.

For brands looking to make a connection with their viewers, motion is a no-brainer. But not all motion graphics are created equal. Truly great motion graphic examples make the most of every tool to tell a captivating story that engages people on all levels.

The Best Motion Graphic Examples

If you’re just starting to explore motion graphics or looking for a little inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve rounded up 100 great motion graphic examples to show you how diverse, creative, and entertaining the medium can be.

This collection (listed, not ranked) shows a variety of styles, stories, and subjects, both branded and editorial, from all sorts of industries. Whether you work in tech or nonprofit, there’s a little something for everyone, plus a few tips to help you get started making your own.

100 Great Motion Graphic Examples

We hope you find this roundup helpful—and we hope you’ll let us know if you’ve seen any motion graphic examples we should add. Enjoy!

1) Anatomy of a Computer Virus by Patrick Clair

This animation was created for Australian TV program HungryBeast and provides a breakdown of the world’s first weapon constructed entirely out of code: Stuxnet.

2) Luibelle by Toondra Animation Studios

Great motion graphic examples of branded content make us very happy. Luibelle used motion in this great explainer video.

3) Bananas by Xander Marritt and Elias Freiberger

Some of these motion graphic examples get a little weird, which we like. In this, bananas are used to symbolize life and the subconscious and conscious in this strange and quirky motion graphic.

4) 29 Ways to Stay Creative by TO-FU

The inspiring minds at TO-FU give tips to stay creatively productive with this animation, which is sure to help anyone in need of a little advice.

5) Journey Alpha by Weltenwandler Design

This beautiful motion graphic has the look of a video game, creating a feeling of submersion, but it is completely non-interactive.

6) Haïkus in Motion by Sébastien Girard

This animation series brings poetry to life with expressive imagery.

7) The ABC’s of Architecture by Andrea Stinga and Federico Gonzalez

This delightful animated rendition shows buildings associated with the world’s best architects.

8) Blackbaud Explainer Video by Column Five

Learn about the benefits of Blackbaud via sleek animations and transitions.

9) Hummingbird Automations by Column Five

A beautiful color palette, kinetic text, and exciting illustration bring you into the world of Humminbird’s tech.

10) Bitcoin Explained by Duncan Elms

Curious about Bitcoin? This motion graphic breaks down the important information about the electronic currency in three minutes.

11) I <3 Camping by Monologue and George Zestanakis

Animations are a perfect way to introduce consumers to products and services, such as mobile apps like the one featured in this eye-catching video.

12) Cinematics by Pier Paolo

This adorable animation illustrates the timeline of classic films and characters, bringing historic cinematic characters to life in a whole new way.

13) How to Bloody Mary by Matteo Inchingolo

Great motion graphic examples use the medium to teach something quickly. This one shows viewers how to make a classic brunch beverage.

14) How to Feed the World by Denis Van Waerebeke

Captivating animations are a perfect way to educate young adults and children about important issues, such as world hunger.

15) Coffee in 200 Frames by Dum!Dum!

No matter the length, animations can still bring to life everyday tasks in a stimulating manner, such as this short, which illustrates the steps for brewing a cup of coffee.

16) Be Sexy, Be Smart by PlusOne

This motion graphic, made for Soa Aids Nederland, delivers a powerful message in an accessible manner through colorful and engaging imagery.

17) A Dash of That by J-Scott

Animations are a perfect way to promote blogs and other social media outlets. This cute and colorfully designed animation promoting the Tumblr account A Dash of That is an excellent example of that use.

18) Hummingbird Brand Explainer by Column Five

This collage-style animation is a different aesthetic approach than one might typically see in tech explainers, which is why we dig it so much.

19) Subprime by Beeple

Many of these motion graphic examples help people understand difficult concepts, much like this video, which illustrates the housing market crash in the U.S.

20) Chemistry and Energy Efficient Buildings by Diemo Barz

This animation, created to illustrate the results made by BASF, is a comprehensive and accessible way of conveying the information to its audience (conference attendees).

21) Inspiration by Rafa Galeano

A colorful animation is a great way to tell a story or illustrate a conceptual thought.

22) Unbabel Explainer by Column Five

How do you translate what a translation software does? With a bright and cheery explainer.

23) Social Media and You by Binalogue

This was made for The British Council to help them launch their brand new social media strategy pack.

24) Stanley Kubrick by Hyejin June Hong

Motion graphics are a great way to illustrate the history of a product or person, like this animation about filmographer Stanley Kubrick.

25) A History of the Title Sequence by From Form

This animation provides beautiful imagery illustrating the history of another art form: title sequencing.

26) Dropbox: Building the Future By Column Five

To recruit top talent, Dropbox needed to tell a compelling employer brand story. With this video campaign, they welcomed recruits to answer the call to the build the future. 

27) Be Work Happy by WeAreFormation

This informative animation was made to explain the services provided by Krow, a company that analyzes CVs to help users find the perfect job.

28) Gettysburg Address by Adam Gault

Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech is brought to life in this powerful motion graphic.

29) How Nuru Works by Nuru Media

Learn how Nuru helps the world.

30) Follow Your Dream by Joe Donaldson, Jay Quercia, and Gloss Creative

Motion graphics are a great way to inspire and motivate your audience, like this great example from Seneca College.

31) A Guide to American Football by Cub Studio

This entertaining animation explains American football in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

32) Academy of Business by Perception7

This great little explainer video promotes the Virtual Academy of Business.

33) Why Mozilla by Column Five

The Mozilla Foundation’s mission is to give everyone more power online. That message is perfectly brought to life by a human-centric narrative that inspires and invites.  

34) The Consumer in the Tesseract by Binalogue

This explainer video was crafted to accompany the script for Publicis “Trends 2016” online platform.

35) What Is Github by Github

This awesome mix of live action, 2D, and 3D animation shows you just what a powerful storytelling tool motion graphics can be.

36) Long Live New York by Y&R

This excellent animated short film delivers a poignant message about organ donations.

37) Understanding Social Tech by Tomer Gerbi

This a great short infographic animation that quickly explains social tech in a way that is easy to understand—and engaging.

38) Silent by Creative Artists Agency

Celebrate cinema magic with this great piece.

39) How Are Samurai Films Responsible For Star Wars?!? by Whalerock Industries

This clever animation explains the connection between samurai and the popular sci-fi epic Star Wars.

40) Chipotle’s Back to the Start by Creative Artists Agency

This touching animation was made to demonstrate Chipotle’s endeavor to provide great products while using local and sustainable techniques.

41) Social Media Trends 2014 by 2Factory

This highlight of the social media trends of 2014 is perfectly presented in a motion graphic.

42) Jaffa–Posters by PostPanic

This wonderful motion graphic commercial uses a retro feel for Finnish drink brand JAFFA.

43) 18 Things You Should Know About Genetics by David Murawsky

This animation gives some fundamental knowledge about genetics, as well as some unusual and interesting facts about DNA, educating viewers like the best motion graphic examples should.

44) New York Times Magazine by Vallée Duhamel

The New York Times logo is brought to life with this clever motion graphic.

45) How Your Money Works by MuscleBeaver

This great little explainer video made into a story that explains how your money works for you.

46) Nike Genealogy of Innovation by Golden Wolf

This fantastic motion graphic takes you through the history of Nike, from their humble beginnings through their game-changing eras.

47) #Einstein–General Relativity by Eoin Duffy

Want to sound smart at a dinner party? Check out this great animated short that celebrates Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

48) Reader by Marcus Eckert

Watch an explainer video covering the updates made to Zino’s iPad reader app.

49) Success in the New Economy by Brian Y. Marsh

This informative motion graphic was sponsored by Citrus College to help people understand and prepare for tomorrow’s labor market realities.

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50) BBC Knowledge by WeAre17

This beautiful motion graphic made for BBC Knowledge is chock full of interesting facts and information.

51) A Better Blockchain by Tezos

Sometimes it’s challenging to communicate ideas without being on the nose. This motion graphic does a fantastic job of turning the abstract into a clear story.

52) Japan Help PSA by IAMSTATIC

This powerful motion graphic PSA highlights the devastation throughout Japan following a powerful earthquake.

53) 100 Years–Armenian Genocide by 2viente

This moving animation was made to commemorate the Armenian Genocide Centenary in 2015.

54) Animation for a Cause by Animation for a Cause

This colorful explainer video highlights the services provided by the non-profit Animation for a Cause.

55) Life in Hi-Fi by Motion Authors

A great motion graphic describing a new social network built around the hashtag language.

56) Do The World A Favour by Tendril Design+Animation Inc.

This bright-colored motion graphic was made to promote the electronic recycling program in Ontario, Canada.

57) The Apple Timeline by 24 Motion Design

See the history of Apple condensed into an illuminating three-minute motion graphic.

58) AXN Spin–Magnet by Binalogue

This piece was created to help with Central Europe TV channel AXN’s rebrand.

59) A Proud History of Canadian Whisky by Ryan Paterson and Chris DeCastro

Learn about the history of Canadian whiskey in this animated short, sponsored by Canadian Club.

60) Earth Week 2014: Lights Off. Screens On. by Column Five

Learn how little actions can be helpful to the environment with this informative motion graphic.

61) Zombie Survival Guide by Chris Meyer and Bettina Gericke

This zombie survival guide animation will help you get through the zombie apocalypse—a survival tip you will not get from any of these other motion graphic examples.

62) Logic Monitor Cloud Awareness by Column Five

Sometimes you don’t need VO to tell a great story. This piece uses kinetic text to deliver the narrative in a simple, succinct way.

63) Financial Life by Transvideo Studios

A visually compelling narrative made for Mint.com, this video details the financial services provided by the company.

64) Termites by Blacklist

Warning: This animated commercial made for Terminix features creepy bugs.

65) On Type with Erik Spiekermann by Adobe

This beautiful rumination on typography is brought to life through beautiful illustration and animation.

66) FanDanz App Promo by Zenzuke

This colorful promotional video for the dancing app FanDanz is a delight.

67) Password Manager by Google

This motion graphic is a perfect example of interesting visuals (a la 3D animations) with clear branding (Google’s color palette) to tell a story in a unique way.

68) Skype Logo Animation by Monica Eunji Kim

This animated version of Skype’s logo highlights key aspects of the company’s service.

69) History of Royal Enfield by Ram Singh

This stunning animation commissioned by Three Four Design is about Royal Enfield.

70) This Is Nouns by Ordinary Folk

Let’s just say 8-bit animation never looked so good.

71) The Facts About Bottled Water by Natasha Murray

This animated infographic delivers important information about bottled water and its impact on the environment.

72) Works With Nest by Oddfellows

This great motion graphic details the usefulness of Nest, a product that turns your home into a smart house.

73) The Right Blend by Bent

The cut-out animation technique featured in this motion graphic perfectly highlights Scott Naturals’ paper products.

74) Welcome to the Age of No-Code by Ordinary Folk

We love when color becomes a main character to communicate a story in a more powerful way.

75) The Future of Money by Ripple

This fantastic explainer video about Ripple explains the service that grants people the ability to transfer currency to anyone in the world.

76) Measuring Corruption by Column Five

This motion graphic highlights the importance of cooperation between the government, police, and media to prevent, detect, and deal with corruption.

77) Just Gentle Cooking by Aggressive

A perfect integration of animation and live imagery brings the product to life in this motion graphic for Beech Nuts.

78) We Need To Talk About Alice by Plenty

This animated short, based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, was made to promote the non-profit organization Good Books, an online charity bookstore.

79) Jack Daniel’s Label Story: “Old No. 7” by Brand New School

The story behind the creation of Jack Daniel’s iconic label is pretty cool.

80) Customer Data by Amperity

Beautiful 3D animations help them tell a story outside the box—er, cube.

81) Gaian by Steffen Knoesgaard, Fredrik Ekholm, Linus Lundin, and Simon Holmdal

This motion graphic highlights aspects of the Gaian Project, a program celebrating aspects of nature.

82) The Economy of Coca-Cola by Jot Reyes

This animation accompanies information revealed on the Bloomberg Television special Inside Coca-Cola.

83) Nike Air Max by ManvsMachine

This short animation to celebrate Nike’s iconic footwear, the Air Max, is a sneakerhead’s dream.

84) Think Blue by Sehsucht

This is a simply designed animated narrative for the Volkswagen initiative ThinkBlue.

85) Business by Motion Authors

A great explainer video for Verta Media highlights keywords about the company’s services.

86) Excellence at the Controls by Emanuele Colombo

This motion graphic for Alitalia promotes the company’s strong points through charming imagery and an informative narrative.

Alitalia – Excellence at the controls from Emanuele Colombo on Vimeo.

87) The Kraken by Dead As We Know It

Enjoy this beautifully illustrated animation for Kraken Rum.

88) T3 Player App by Motion Pixels

Here’s a great introduction video to the T3 Player App and the many features offered by the app.

89) El Ciclo del Agua by Binologue

This is a great motion graphic video for Canal Isabel II, the company in charge of Madrid’s water supply.

90) Flex Alert Program by Brainchild Creative

A short educational animation about the importance of saving energy in Southern California is a great way to educate the public.

91) What is Belicious? by Korbant

This motion graphic commercial features information about Belicious, a burger dealer in Munich, Germany.

92Royal Mail–How We Can Help Your Business Grow by Hugo & Cat

Learn about the many ways Royal Mail can help your business.

93) Future, Imagine That by BITO

This co-branded commercial spot for Shell and the Syfy channel makes the most of motion.

94) Introducing the Reddit Mobile App by Identity Visuals

We’d upvote this brightly colored motion graphic introducing users to a new mobile app for Reddit.

95) Frutto–Product Animation Video by Mark Stota

This animation video showcases the product made by Honoa, Frutto juices.

96) Curiosity by Dan Palmer

This piece is an excellent study in kinetic text.

97) The Planets by Andy Martin

See what life might be like on the planets in our solar system in this beautiful motion graphic series.

98) Bauer Radio by WeAreSeventeen

This animation highlights the important facts about Bauer Radio.

99) Eneco Toon by PlusOne

Learn about Toon, a thermostat that monitors energy consumption, in this adorable motion graphic.

100) Fermi Paradox by Alex Verlan

Inspired by Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History series, this animation explains the Great Filter and the Fermi Paradox.

How to Make Better Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are great communication tools—when they’re well produced. If you’re creating your own, follow best practices to make sure you’re successful. Luckily, we’ve learned a lot about making motion graphics over the last decade, so we have a few resources that can help:

If you still need a little help—at any stage of the process—hit us up and we can chat about how to get you through it.

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