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Increase conversions with beautifully designed ebooks optimized for engagement.

Why Ebooks Matter

Well-written and well-designed ebooks are fantastic tools for lead generation. They allow you to demonstrate your expertise and educate your target audience at every stage of the customer journey—especially when customers are considering whether your business is the right fit. These high-value pieces are particularly great for campaigns and can easily be turned into additional assets, such as blogs, articles, infographics, videos, and social content, to reach people across channels. If you want to create long-lasting content that will get conversions for years, ebooks are the way to go.  

Types of Ebooks

Depending on your brand’s story, goals, and audience, you may consider: 

  • Digital

    Ideal for lead gen, digital ebooks are easy to download and share. 

  • Interactive

    Interactives are especially engaging, as they allow viewers to actively explore the story. 

No matter the format, what matters most is providing high-value information that people will find useful and relevant.

 How We Approach Ebooks

We collaborate with your brand to identify your goals, storytelling opportunities, and distribution methods. With those insights, we hone in on the perfect topic, source experts, craft a strong narrative, and design books according to best practices. Through copy, data visualization, illustrations, and other visual elements, these pieces are optimized for engagement, comprehension, and retention, allowing you to share your expertise in an impactful way through a beautiful, high-value piece of content. 

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