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Interactive Content

Engage and educate with custom interactive content and experiences that put your audience in the driver’s seat.

Why Interactive Content Matters

If you want people to actively participate in your story, interactivity is a powerful way to do it because it requires human input, meaning people must take action to enter the story. Whether it’s a real-life, AR, VR, Web3, or online experience, their actions affect the story, effectively putting them in the driver’s seat. When you need to make large amounts of data digestible and accessible, or when you want to guide people through a structured story in an entertaining and engaging way, interactives are especially useful.

Applications for Interactive Content

Interactive content is a highly flexible storytelling tool when it comes to digital experiences, making it ideal for: 


  • Data storytelling
  • Narrative storytelling
  • Entertainment experiences
  • Product demos
  • Tools
  • Quizzes
  • Demonstrations
  • Dashboards
  • 3D maps
  • Games
  • Real-time visualizations

Whether simple or complex, this format is ideal for presenting your story in a clean, organized, and logical manner.

How We Approach Interactive Content

We take a story-centric approach to interactives. Whether it’s a guided or exploratory experience, we identify the most creative ways to incorporate interactivity to enhance the user’s experience, synthesize the information, build the narrative, and visualize the story for maximum engagement. The result is a meaningful and memorable interactive experience that fosters a closer connection with your brand. 

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