Content Strategy Services


Identify your target audiences with segmented personas that clarify who they are and how you can reach them. 

Why Personas Matter

Effective content marketing provides value to people in some way. Whether it entertains, educates, or inspires, the best content speaks to what people need. But you can’t create interesting or compelling content if you don’t know who you’re trying to reach or what they care about. Marketing personas close that gap. By creating profiles that clearly get inside your audience’s mind, you can get an intimate understanding of who you’re trying to reach—and how your content can move them along the buyer’s journey. 

How We Approach Personas

By immersing ourselves in your customer data, we identify demographics (e.g., age and gender) and psychographics (e.g., motivators and blockers) for each target group. With this information, we distill and articulate individual customer personas to give you a clear picture of who they are and what makes them tick. With this knowledge, you can strengthen your content strategy, brainstorm content ideas that will captivate and engage, and turn people into lifelong customers.

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