LinkedIn Workforce Report

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Mining your data for valuable insights can be overwhelmingly challenging and incredibly rewarding. Case in point: LinkedIn’s ongoing 2017 Workforce Report. With 138 million members in the United States, 3 million monthly U.S. job postings, 20,000 companies, and 50,000 skills that workers can add to their profiles, LinkedIn has especially unique insight into the state of the U.S. workforce.

With such a wealth of data, LinkedIn wanted to share actionable insights with its members. Each month, LinkedIn compiles their own data on trends across the country and 20 of the largest U.S. cities, reporting on interesting and influential workforce metrics. From hiring trends and migration between cities to relative scarcity and abundance of skills in various job markets, this data represents a robust and timely view of the American job market.

But how do you turn all this data into a relevant resource that’s engaging and easy to understand? That’s where we were able to help them discover and tell their story.

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