The Spacecraft of Your Brand

3D Visualizations, Motion Graphics, Video Direction and Production


A Visage & Column Five collaboration

The Spacecraft of Your Brand represents how to build a strong brand by nurturing a strong core.

Your brand’s core is the source of critical and creative thinking for a company’s team, broken down into 4 familiar parts: heartfelt purpose, clear future vision, inspiring mission, and shared values. When these are upheld and communicated to the team, the brand is strong and truly authentic. As a result, attracting like-minded customers and businesses builds a healthy company and employee growth.

Telling this story through a 360 video experience immerses the viewer in the narrative and surrounding environment. The intensive process, created fully in animation, accounts for all perspectives to enable the viewer to explore the virtual space—with guiding arrows along the way, to draw attention where it would be most valuable during key stages.

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