Need Inspiration? Here Are 100 Excellent Motion Graphic Examples

Motion graphics are awesome. The best motion graphic examples can engage an audience with beautiful animations and powerful stories. They can help explain what your company does. They can make you laugh, cry, and learn, which is why they are a fantastic tool for brands. Online video is on the rise, so if you’re looking to mix up your content, motion graphics might be your best weapon. To give you a little inspiration here and now, we’ve rounded up 100 great motion graphic examples. This collection (listed, not ranked) shows a variety of styles, stories, and subjects, both branded and editorial, to show you how versatile the medium can be. Now go get your motion on.

100 Great Motion Graphic Examples (1-25)

1.Anatomy of a Computer Virus by Patrick Clair
This animation was created for Australian TV program HungryBeast and provides a breakdown of the world’s first weapon constructed entirely out of code: Stuxnet.

2. Luibelle by Toondra Animation Studios
Great motion graphic examples of branded content make us very happy. Luibelle used motion in this great explainer video.

3. Bananas by Xander Marritt and Elias Freiberger
Some of these motion graphic examples get a little weird, which we like. In this, bananas are used to symbolize life and the subconscious and conscious in this strange and quirky motion graphic.

4. 29 Ways to Stay Creative by TO-FU
The inspiring minds at TO-FU give tips to stay creatively productive with this animation, which is sure to help anyone in need of a little advice.

5. Journey Alpha by Weltenwandler Design
This beautiful motion graphic has the look of a video game, creating a feeling of submersion, but it is completely non-interactive.

6. Haïkus in Motion by Sébastien Girard
This animation series brings poetry to life with expressive imagery.

7. The ABC’s of Architecture by Andrea Stinga and Federico Gonzalez
This delightful animated rendition shows buildings associated with the world’s best architects.

8. Skype for Business by Column Five
Learn about the value of Skype and how this tool can increase efficiency for your business in a cost-effective way.

9. Game of Thrones: An Animated Journey by BlackMeal
Relive the highlights of HBO’s Game of Thrones with this beautiful animated rendition of the popular show.

10. Bitcoin Explained by Duncan Elms
Curious about Bitcoin? This motion graphic breaks down the important information about the electronic currency in three minutes.

11. I <3 Camping by Monologue and George Zestanakis
Animations are a perfect way to introduce consumers to products and services, such as mobile apps like the one featured in this eye-catching video.

12. Cinematics by Pier Paolo
This adorable animation illustrates the timeline of classic films and characters, bringing historic cinematic characters to life in a whole new way.

13. How to Bloody Mary by Mateo Inchingolo
Great motion graphic examples use the medium to teach something quickly. This one shows viewers how to make a classic brunch beverage.

14. How to Feed the World by Denis Van Waerebeke
Captivating animations are a perfect way to educate young adults and children about important issues, such as world hunger.

15. Coffee in 200 Frames by Dum!Dum!
No matter the length, animations can still bring to life everyday tasks in a stimulating manner, such as this short, which illustrates the steps for brewing a cup of coffee.

16. Be Sexy, Be Smart by PlusOne
This motion graphic, made for Soa Aids Nederland, delivers a powerful message in an accessible manner through colorful and engaging imagery.

17. A Dash of That by J-Scott
Animations are a perfect way to promote blogs and other social media outlets. This cute and colorfully designed animation promoting the Tumblr account A Dash of That is an excellent example of that use.

18. The Pursuit for Educational Equity by Column Five
This motion graphic perfectly addresses the gap in educational equality and provides useful information on how to close the access gap.

19. Subprime by Beeple
Motion graphics are a great way to help people understand difficult concepts, like this video made to illustrate the housing market crash in the U.S.

20. Chemistry and Energy Efficient Buildings by Diemo Barz
This animation, created to illustrate the results made by BASF, is a comprehensive and accessible way of conveying the information to its audience (conference attendees).

21. Inspiration by Rafa Galeano
A colorful animation is a great way to tell a story or illustrate a conceptual thought.

22. The World is Obsessed with Facebook by Alex Trimple
Great motion graphic examples bring information to life in a more exciting, as this piece does.

23. Social Media and You by Binalogue
This was made for The British Council to help them launch their brand new social media strategy pack.

24. Stanley Kubrick by Hyejin June Hong
Motion graphics are a great way to illustrate the history of a product or person, like this animation about filmographer Stanley Kubrick.

25. A History of the Title Sequence by From Form
This animation provides beautiful imagery illustrating the history of another art form: title sequencing.

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