100 Awesome Motion Graphic Examples You’ll Wish You Made

by Tracy Tonnu

100 Great Motion Graphic Examples (26-50)

26) Squiryl, How Does It Work? By DHNN Creative Agency

This explainer video for Squiryl teaches viewers about the app, which keeps track of your rewards programs at various stores.

27) Be Work Happy by WeAreFormation

This informative animation was made to explain the services provided by Krow, a company that analyzes CVs to help users find the perfect job.

28) Gettysburg Address by Adam Gault

Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech is brought to life in this powerful motion graphic.

29) How Nuru Works by Nuru Media

Learn how Nuru helps the world.

30) Follow Your Dream by Joe Donaldson, Jay Quercia, and Gloss Creative

Motion graphics are a great way to inspire and motivate your audience, like this great example from Seneca College.

31) A Guide to American Football by Cub Studio

This entertaining animation explains American football in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

32) Academy of Business by Perception7

This great little explainer video promotes the Virtual Academy of Business.

33) Pale Blue Dot by ORDER Productions

This is a beautiful motion graphic visualizes Carl Sagan’s famous “Pale Blue Dot” monologue.

34) The Consumer in the Tesseract by Binalogue

This explainer video was crafted to accompany the script for Publicis “Trends 2016” online platform.

35) Bing Snapshots by Column Five

Learn more about Microsoft’s Bing Search app for Android with this awesome motion graphic spot.

36) Long Live New York by Y&R

This excellent animated short film delivers a poignant message about organ donations.

37) Understanding Social Tech by Tomer Gerbi

This a great short infographic animation that quickly explains social tech in a way that is easy to understand—and engaging.

38) Silent by Creative Artists Agency

Celebrate cinema magic with this great piece.

39) How Are Samurai Films Responsible For Star Wars?!? by Whalerock Industries

This clever animation explains the connection between samurai and the popular sci-fi epic Star Wars.

40) Chipotle’s Back to the Start by Creative Artists Agency

This touching animation was made to demonstrate Chipotle’s endeavor to provide great products while using local and sustainable techniques.

41) Social Media Trends 2014 by 2Factory

This highlight of the social media trends of 2014 is perfectly presented in a motion graphic.

42) Jaffa–Posters by PostPanic

This wonderful motion graphic commercial uses a retro feel for Finnish drink brand JAFFA.

43) 18 Things You Should Know About Genetics by David Murawsky

This animation gives some fundamental knowledge about genetics, as well as some unusual and interesting facts about DNA, educating viewers like the best motion graphic examples should.

44) New York Times Magazine by Vallée Duhamel

The New York Times logo is brought to life with this clever motion graphic.

45) How Your Money Works by MuscleBeaver

This great little explainer video made into a story that explains how your money works for you.

46) Nike Genealogy of Innovation by Golden Wolf

This fantastic motion graphic takes you through the history of Nike, from their humble beginnings through their game-changing eras.

47) #Einstein–General Relativity by Eoin Duffy

Want to sound smart at a dinner party? Check out this great animated short that celebrates Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

48) Reader by Marcus Eckert

Watch an explainer video covering the updates made to Zino’s iPad reader app.

49) Success in the New Economy by Brian Y. Marsh

This informative motion graphic was sponsored by Citrus College to help people understand and prepare for tomorrow’s labor market realities.

50) BBC Knowledge by WeAre17

This beautiful motion graphic made for BBC Knowledge is chock full of interesting facts and information.

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