100 Awesome Motion Graphic Examples You’ll Wish You Made

by Tracy Tonnu

100 Great Motion Graphic Examples (51-75)

51) The Greek Crisis Explained by NOMINT

See the Greek crisis illustrated in an easy to understand way.

52) Japan Help PSA by IAMSTATIC

This powerful motion graphic PSA highlights the devastation throughout Japan following a powerful earthquake.

53) 100 Years–Armenian Genocide by 2viente

This moving animation was made to commemorate the Armenian Genocide Centenary in 2015.

54) Animation for a Cause by Animation for a Cause

This colorful explainer video highlights the services provided by the non-profit Animation for a Cause.

55) Life in Hi-Fi by Motion Authors

A great motion graphic describing a new social network built around the hashtag language.

56) Do The World A Favour by Tendril Design+Animation Inc.

This bright-colored motion graphic was made to promote the electronic recycling program in Ontario, Canada.

57) The Apple Timeline by 24 Motion Design

See the history of Apple condensed into an illuminating three-minute motion graphic.

58) AXN Spin–Magnet by Binalogue

This piece was created to help with Central Europe TV channel AXN’s rebrand.

59) A Proud History of Canadian Whisky by Ryan Paterson and Chris DeCastro

Learn about the history of Canadian whiskey in this animated short, sponsored by Canadian Club.

60) Earth Week 2014: Lights Off. Screens On. by Column Five

Learn how little actions can be helpful to the environment with this informative motion graphic.

61) Zombie Survival Guide by Chris Meyer and Bettina Gericke

This zombie survival guide animation will help you get through the zombie apocalypse—a survival tip you will not get from any of these other motion graphic examples.

62) M-Gov Awards by Binalogue

A great explainer video made for the United Arab Emirates Government, this piece promotes their latest initiative to provide innovation solutions in different technological fields.

63) Financial Life by Transvideo Studios

A visually compelling narrative made for Mint.com, this video details the financial services provided by the company.

64) Termites by Blacklist

Warning: This animated commercial made for Terminix features creepy bugs.

65) History of the Modern Car by Column Five

Take a trip down memory lane with this motion graphic about the evolution of modern cars.

66) FanDanz App Promo by Zenzuke

This colorful promotional video for the dancing app FanDanz is a delight.

67) Equality for Humans by Macauley Johnson

This colorful animation reminds us that all humans are equal.

68) Skype Logo Animation by Monica Eunji Kim

This animated version of Skype’s logo highlights key aspects of the company’s service.

69) History of Royal Enfield by Ram Singh

This stunning animation commissioned by Three Four Design is about Royal Enfield.

70) Visa Payment Controls by DHNN Creative Agency

This promotional video made for Visa highlights their product Visa IntelliLink.

71) The Facts About Bottled Water by Natasha Murray

This animated infographic delivers important information about bottled water and its impact on the environment.

72) Works With Nest by Oddfellows

This great motion graphic details the usefulness of Nest, a product that turns your home into a smart house.

73) The Right Blend by Bent

The cut-out animation technique featured in this motion graphic perfectly highlights Scott Naturals’ paper products.

74) World Wide Web Foundation by Tendril Design+Animation Inc.

Learn about the World Wide Web Foundation and their goal to provide access to information and the Internet across the globe.

75) The Future of Money by Ripple

This fantastic explainer video about Ripple explains the service that grants people the ability to transfer currency to anyone in the world.

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