100 Awesome Motion Graphic Examples You’ll Wish You Made

by Tracy Tonnu

100 Great Motion Graphic Examples (75-100)

76) Measuring Corruption by Column Five

This motion graphic highlights the importance of cooperation between the government, police, and media to prevent, detect, and deal with corruption.

77) Just Gentle Cooking by Aggressive

A perfect integration of animation and live imagery brings the product to life in this motion graphic for Beech Nuts.

78) We Need To Talk About Alice by Plenty

This animated short, based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, was made to promote the non-profit organization Good Books, an online charity bookstore.

79) Jack Daniel’s Label Story: “Old No. 7” by Brand New School

The story behind the creation of Jack Daniel’s iconic label is pretty cool.

80) What is Groupon? by Vani Vae and Brad Chmielewski

This animated explainer video for Groupon details the company’s services.

81) Gaian by Steffen Knoesgaard, Fredrik Ekholm, Linus Lundin, and Simon Holmdal

This motion graphic highlights aspects of the Gaian Project, a program celebrating aspects of nature.

82) The Economy of Coca-Cola by Jot Reyes

This animation accompanies information revealed on the Bloomberg Television special Inside Coca-Cola.

83) Nike Air Max by ManvsMachine

This short animation to celebrate Nike’s iconic footwear, the Air Max, is a sneakerhead’s dream.

84) Think Blue by Sehsucht

This is a simply designed animated narrative for the Volkswagen initiative ThinkBlue.

85) Business by Motion Authors

A great explainer video for Verta Media highlights keywords about the company’s services.

86) Excellence at the Controls by Emanuele Colombo

This motion graphic for Alitalia promotes the company’s strong points through charming imagery and an informative narrative.

Alitalia – Excellence at the controls from Emanuele Colombo on Vimeo.

87) The Kraken by Dead As We Know It

Enjoy this beautifully illustrated animation for Kraken Rum.

88) T3 Player App by Motion Pixels

Here’s a great introduction video to the T3 Player App and the many features offered by the app.

89) El Ciclo del Agua by Binologue

This is a great motion graphic video for Canal Isabel II, the company in charge of Madrid’s water supply.

90) Flex Alert Program by Brainchild Creative

A short educational animation about the importance of saving energy in Southern California is a great way to educate the public.

91) What is Belicious? by Korbant

This motion graphic commercial features information about Belicious, a burger dealer in Munich, Germany.

92Royal Mail–How We Can Help Your Business Grow by Hugo & Cat

Learn about the many ways Royal Mail can help your business.

93) Future, Imagine That by BITO

This co-branded commercial spot for Shell and the Syfy channel makes the most of motion.

94) Introducing the Reddit Mobile App by Identity Visuals

We’d upvote this brightly colored motion graphic introducing users to a new mobile app for Reddit.

95) Frutto–Product Animation Video by Mark Stota

This animation video showcases the product made by Honoa, Frutto juices.

96) Curiosity by Dan Palmer

This piece is an excellent study in kinetic text.

97) The Planets by Andy Martin

See what life might be like on the planets in our solar system in this beautiful motion graphic series.

98) Bauer Radio by WeAreSeventeen

This animation highlights the important facts about Bauer Radio.

99) Eneco Toon by PlusOne

Learn about Toon, a thermostat that monitors energy consumption, in this adorable motion graphic.

100) Fermi Paradox by Alex Verlan

Inspired by Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History series, this animation explains the Great Filter and the Fermi Paradox.

How to Make Better Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are great communication tools—when they’re well produced. If you’re creating your own, follow best practices to make sure you’re successful. Luckily, we’ve learned a lot about making motion graphics over the last decade, so we have a few resources that can help:

If you still need a little help—at any stage of the process—hit us up and we can chat about how to get you through it.

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