Column Five & SAP Win CMI’s “Content Marketing Project of the Year”

by Katy French

If you haven’t heard of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), you should. It’s one of our go-to resources for all things content marketing (especially their annual trend reports, which offer interesting insights into the challenges content marketers face across industries).

CMI is also the force behind the annual Content Marketing Awards, which recognize the best content marketing projects, agencies, and marketers in the industry in 85 categories, from strategy and distribution to editorial and design. This year we’re proud to announce that Column Five and SAP have won both “Best Podcast/Audio Series” and “Content Marketing Project of the Year” for Searching for Salai, a 9-part science fiction podcast series created to promote SAP Leonardo.

We’re incredibly grateful for these honors—and to SAP being a great partner through this project. (You can take a behind-the-scenes look at the podcast if you’re curious to see what it took to get made.) Knowing how stiff the competition was (finalists were chosen out of nearly 1,100 entries), we also want to thank the judges for taking the time to review and honor the work that so many talented creators in our industry do. 

Searching for Salai was a labor of love that brought so many creators together, from writers and voice actors to composers and sound editors. It’s especially meaningful to see the team’s work acknowledged with such a big award, so shoutout to Writer/Director Holt Bailey, Sound Designer and Composer Jordan Tani, Podcast Producer Alex Stein, as well as the C5 team: Senior Producer and Strategist Megan Lieberman, Director of Strategy Asher Rumack, Designer Jenny Famularcano, Motion Designer Garner Dumas, and Account Director Jeremy Fetters, among many others. 

We’d also encourage you to take a look at the full list of 2019 finalists and winners to see more unique and inspiring work. It’s always exciting to see people taking chances, exploring their creativity, and pushing our industry. We feel lucky to be in such talented company. 

In the meantime, we’re heading back to work, looking for new ways to tell stories for our partners every day. If you’re curious to see more of what we do…

And if you’re interested in making a podcast of your own, or looking for a creative partner to help you tell your own brand story, let’s talk. 

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