Are You a Content Marketer? You Need to See This NewsCred Infographic

Creating compelling content is every marketer’s greatest challenge. Our partners at NewsCred know this all too well. Through their marketing platform, they’re determined to help marketers create amazing content experiences with as little headache as possible. We know great content doesn’t come easily, but did you realize there’s a major flaw in the way content marketers approach content? This fresh NewsCred infographic, a collaboration with Column Five, dives deeper into the issue.

Here’s the problem: As content creators, we’re often so wrapped up in content, so focused on getting inside consumers’ minds, we totally forget that we’re consumers too. Our thoughts, behaviors, and interactions with brands are no different. If anything, they give us more insight into the role content plays on the path to purchase. So, why don’t we look to our own behavior when we consider what content resonates? 

Inspired by this idea, NewsCred decided to survey marketers about their own consumer behavior during its 2016 #ThinkContent Summit, which brings together marketers across all industries, and came to us to visualize the survey results. (We’ve previously worked together to visualize how consumers use Snapchat, and we were especially excited to see what we might learn from the survey ourselves.)

Creating the NewsCred Infographic

The survey included 6 different questions relating to purchasing habits and marketing strategies. More than 400 marketers from Fortune 1000 companies answered, including the masterminds behind major content campaigns at IBM, Verizon, MasterCard, Intel, etc. The results provided fascinating insights into the behavioral differences between the marketing and consumer mindset, and it was our job to bring these insights to life—literally.

NewsCred Column Five Content Marketing Survey 2

Instead of a traditional static infographic, we visualized the results through an animated infographic. For each of the 6 questions, we included a static data visualization and an illustrated scene reflective of the question, which we also animated. (We like to call them infoGIFS.)

NewsCred Column Five Content Marketing Survey

As the project was a collaboration between our two brands, the color palette was inspired by both NewsCred and Column Five branding—NewsCred’s cool blues to set the scene and Column Five’s lighter pink to highlight the marketer in each scene.

We loved getting to play around and flex our animation skills, but we especially take the infographic content to heart, as we appreciate any new insights about content marketing. Enjoy the full infographic below, and if you need some help with your content marketing, let’s chat.

Content Marketing Newscred-Column Five
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