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Tell your brand story through expertly designed infographics optimized to captivate and engage.

Why Infographics Matter

If you’re looking to capture attention, communicate in an impactful way, and engage with people through content, infographics can be a powerful tool. Why? Because they effectively stimulate the brain’s visual processing center, forging powerful connections at first glance. 


By presenting complex data and information in a visual format, infographics capitalize on our innate attraction to visual stimuli. Eye-catching imagery increases appeal, helping infographics stand out in a sea of content. The streamlined display of information allows for near-instant comprehension, making content easier to consume. (In fact, MIT has found that humans can process visual content in 13 milliseconds.) And, most importantly, the brain efficiently catalogs visual information, making it easier to recall later. Combined, this trifecta makes infographics a versatile vehicle to tell your brand story. 

Applications for Infographics

This format is ideal for presenting data with multiple layers, as well as vast amounts of data or information in a clean, organized, and logical manner. Static, animated, and interactive infographics are especially effective for: 

  • Data visualization
  • Informational design
  • Process visualization 
  • Explainers
  • Flowcharts 
  • Tutorials
  • Microcontent
  • Social 

Whether used for editorial, scientific, or marketing purposes, our versatile pieces can function as standalone pieces, supplementary content, or social content, helping you share your story across channels.

How We Approach Infographics

For over a decade, we’ve perfected the art of the infographic, helping everyone from small startups to Fortune 500 brands like Intuit and Microsoft communicate through visual content. (We even wrote the book on it.) As pioneers in the field, we believe in a story-centric approach. We brainstorm and vet ideas to find the most compelling narrative that supports your brand’s goals, then gather research, craft copy, and use visual elements like shape, color, orientation, and iconography to bring the story to life. The result is a stunning infographic that is beautiful, engaging, and effective.

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