Checklist: How to Get More Eyeballs on Your Infographics

by Katy French

Just because you have an infographic designed does not mean it’s ready to go. There are a few more steps necessary to ensure success. You need to proofread. You need to publish. And, of course, you need to promote. Basically, you need to know how to optimize your infographic to get the most traffic.

Unfortunately, we see many brands make rookie mistakes in all three of these areas. Whether it’s an unoptimized file name, broken share buttons, or pixelated images, these details can seriously hurt your infographic’s success. If you want to get the most eyes on your infographic, there’s more to do than you think. But don’t worry.

Because we like to make things easier for you, we created this handy checklist to help you optimize your next infographic. We even put it in infographic form and checklist form. Feel free to print them out, bookmark them, or embed them on your site.

Follow our tips and you’ll know your infographic is really ready to be published. On that note, you can also take a look at these deep dives into how to optimize your infographic for SEO and how to optimize your blog for content distribution. Good luck out there!

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infographic-how-to-optimize-infographic-for-sharingfinal-01 checklist-how-to-optimize-your-infographic-for-sharing

Once your infographic is published, you’re ready to promote. Here are a few things to help you there:

As always, if you need some help with promotion, holler at us.

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