15 Examples of How to Do a Rebrand the Right Way (Plus Tips)

Rebrands can be controversial. (Remember Gap’s disastrous logo change that lasted one whole week?) But there’s a reason they’re needed, usually because the brand is facing a fundamental communication problem. Their old identity no longer reflects who they are or the future they foresee. Thus, they need a rebrand to better communicate their vision.

When well-executed, a rebrand closes that communication gap. It expresses the brand’s personality, reflects its mission, and presents a fresh face to the world. But doing this successfully is no easy task, which is why it’s so refreshing to see a rebrand done the right way—and why we love to celebrate great work when we see it.

Luckily, there are plenty examples of awesome rebrands around the Internet. So, to give you a little inspiration (and showcase some awesome designers), we’ve rounded up some of our favorite rebrand examples. 

15 Super Creative Rebrand Examples For You

Whether you’re looking for general inspiration or preparing to embark on your own rebrand, working in the automobile industry or for a nonprofit, here are superb examples to spark your creative juices. 

1) Cystic Fibrosis Foundation by Grafik

This CFF rebrand centers on the foundation’s mantra “Adding Tomorrows,” which reflects the life-saving work they support. As such, the rebrand focused on a vibrant palette, dynamic logo, and lively imagery to bring life to the brand.

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2) CVS Health by Siegel+Gale

CVS Health combines four of the brand’s services under one umbrella, with a focus on healthcare for people, businesses, and communities. The rebrand included the introduction of the CVS “health heart,” a flexible graphic element used throughout the branding.

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3) Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung by INTO Branding

To build a visual identity for this premiere ballet education brand, the designers focused on bringing movement and rhythm to life through bold typography and playful patterns.

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4) Domain by Principals

To help distinguish The Domain from Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden, the brand needed a new, distinct visual identity. Inspired by the brand idea of “Sydney’s Playful Heart,” they created a bright, bold, and colorful design to communicate the buzz and dynamism of the attraction.

Rebrand-examples-before-1Rebrand examples 17Rebrand examples 19Rebrand-examples-after-1Rebrand examples 19 Rebrand examples 19

5) Givaudan by Interbrand

As the manufacturer of scents and flavors for luxury perfume, consumer goods, and food and beverage products, Givaudan was posed with the challenge of making their “invisible” scents and flavors come to life. To do this, they used powerful, colorful imagery to activate the senses through visuals.

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6) Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra by Bond Agency

Similar to Givaudan, the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra needed to translate the excitement of music to a visual medium. Inspired by the way the individual musicians gather to create a single piece of music, the brand uses individual lines to create a logo reminiscent of sound waves. 

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7) AutoZubak by Brandoctor

Croatian automobile distributor AutoZubak had long been known for dealing in Audis and VWs. To expand their market share and branch out into more affordable cars, they created a fresh identity that focused on communicating friendliness and playfulness—a far cry from the more distant “premium” reputation.

Rebrand-examples-before-1Rebrand examples 40Rebrand-examples-after-1rebrand examples 40 Rebrand examples 41

8) Chatwork by MetaDesign

ChatWork is a cloud-based collaboration tool that features chat, voice, and video capabilities. The rebrand was designed around a simple idea: “the ability to put your words to work from anywhere.” Thus, the design features individual pieces that combine to form a stronger element, reflecting the power of collaboration from afar.

Rebrand-examples-before-1rebrand examples 46 rebrand examples 46Rebrand-examples-after-1rebrand examples 46 rebrand examples 46

9) CH2M by FutureBrand

Engineering firm CH2M needed a new brand identity to communicate their main differentiator: their people and culture. From the refreshed logo to people-centric imagery, the identity is infused with emotion and expressiveness communicated through design.

Rebrand-examples-before-1rebrand examples 46rebrand examples 46Rebrand-examples-after-1rebrand examples 46 rebrand examples 46

10) Enerji by Principals

To better communicate the energy-saving tech behind their products, Enerji turned their previously engineer-centric identity into one accessible for all. This expressive, dynamic brand identity is a flexible tool to help communicate their mission to everyone from educators to government administrators.

Rebrand-examples-before-1rebrand examples 51 rebrand examples 51Rebrand-examples-after-1rebrand examples 51 rebrand examples 51

11) Life Without Barriers by Principals

LWB provides support services for people with disabilities, including out-of-home care, aged care, mental health, and support for refugee and asylum seekers in Australia. To revamp their identity and communicate their passion for improving people’s lives, they crafted an identity around the theme of “championing opportunity for all.” The updated branding is infused with energy, color, and photography that communicates this passion and zest for life in every element.

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Rebrand-examples-after-1rebrand examples 60 rebrand examples 60

12) Modström by Make

To differentiate from other fashion brands, fast fashion house Modström anchored their new brand identity around the concept of “Breathe the now.” With a nod to its of-the-moment fashion offerings, the identity uses dynamic typography to give the illusion of fast movement, while the seasonal colors and textures give the brand a chic, modern look.

Rebrand-examples-before-1rebrand examples 73rebrand examples 73Rebrand-examples-after-1rebrand examples 73 rebrand examples 73

13) Pitney Bowes by FutureBrand

To position the brand as a technology leader in the world of tech commerce, Pitney Bowes identity uses custom illustrations to help visualize the ecosystem of physical and digital commerce, as well as a logo that expresses the legacy brand’s modern evolution.

Rebrand-examples-before-1rebrand examples 76rebrand examples 76Rebrand-examples-after-1rebrand examples 76 rebrand examples 76

14) Spaghetti Factory by Branders Group AG

This Swiss chain restaurant was challenged to bring the brand into the modern age to connect with a younger demographic. To elevate the aesthetic, they chose an illustrative wolf symbol (a ravenous animal), a redesigned menu featuring elegant typography, and imagery to bring a livelier energy to the website and associated online properties.

Rebrand-examples-before-1rebrand examples 82 rebrand examples 82Rebrand-examples-after-1rebrand examples 82 rebrand examples 82

15) The Ark by Brand Focus LLC

Ark Antiques is a charity for animal welfare, but the old identity was stale and inconsistent. To emphasize the organization’s goal, the rally cry “Shop. Share. Save animals” became the design inspiration. Bright, colorful imagery, a plethora of animals, and creative animal-focused photography reinforced the organization’s mission and brought a friendly, cheerful feel to the business.

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How to Do a Rebrand the Right Way

A rebrand is a serious endeavor that takes foresight, strategic thinking, and the proper team to execute it correctly. If you’re getting ready to undertake a rebrand, take time to educate yourself before you dive in—and follow best practices from day one.

To start you off, here are a few of our best tips to get through the process with less stress.  

Remember, too, that if you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you’re running out of bandwidth, you can always call in reinforcements. We love a good rebrand, so we’re happy to chat through any issues you’re dealing with.