75 Eye-Catching Ebook Examples to Inspire Your Creativity

by Katy French

A great ebook is a huge asset for your brand. It educates people, demonstrates your thought-leadership, and helps you generate leads like nobody’s business. But good content is not enough; it’s good ebook design that really draws readers in. From an attention-grabbing cover and sleek data visualizations to unique illustrations and an intuitive layout, there are many ways to use design to keep readers engaged. But what does good design look like IRL? Here, we’ve rounded up 75 excellent ebook examples from around the web. 

75 Amazing Ebook Examples

From content marketing and big data to social media and web design, here are 75 interactive and static ebooks that feature A+ design. We hope these ebook examples give you the inspiration you need to create an ebook that really connects with your audience.

1) Web UI Design for the Human Eye by UXPin

Your ebook design doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple bold and graphic treatment is a great way to grab attention.

E-book design examples 1

2) Elegant Web UI Design Techniques: Flat Design & Colors by UXPin

Cover design is everything, and a bright and colorful treatment is sure to turn heads.

E-book design examples 2

3) The Future of Data by Import.io/David White

A thematic cover is a great way to enhance content. This beautiful abstract data visualization looks like its own art piece—a great way to reinforce the theme.

E-book design examples 3

4) The Future of Marketing by Shift Communications

This design notably stands out because of its hand-drawn aesthetic. Whereas most marketing ebook examples are sleek and pristine, this cover is so unique it piques your interest from the jump.

E-book design examples 4

5) The Video Marketing Handbook by Vidyard

Again, a simple cover can be a much wanted break from content overload (especially in a social media feed), so using color and typography intentionally is a smart move.

E-book design examples 5

6) Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR by Shift Communication

The brackets around the “PR” here are particularly clever, as they use a common coding element to reinforce the theme (analytics).

E-book design examples 6

7) The Ultimate Guide to Effective Data Collection by Social Cops

This ebook example uses just the right amount of color to create an eye-catching cover without overwhelming the viewer.  
E-book design examples 7

8) The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design by Design Kit

We just love the simplicity of this design, especially the intriguing abstract shapes.

E-book design examples 8

9) The Freelancer’s Bible by Route1 Print

Using things like callouts and a strong hierarchy, as this ebook example does, is a great way to help readers easily navigate content.

E-book design examples 9

10) The Experience Optimization Playbook by Optimizely

Subtle design can also be a nice touch, as this “playbook” theme shows. The design is simple but effective, as the symbols create a nice border for the text.E-book design examples 10

11) The Joy of Data-Driven Storytelling by Leslie Bradshaw

This ebook adds colorful whimsy via illustration, commuincating the “joy” of data—not just the dull numbers.

E-book design examples 11

12) Build Smarter with Tech by Dropbox Business

Ebook design doesn’t have to be particularly fancy. Basic illustrations can still bring content to life effectively.

E-book design examples 12

13) Everything You Need to Know About Visual Content by Column Five

Charts, diagrams, and other information design can be tremendously helpful to communicate information quickly and easily, as this ebook proves.

14) Product Management by Intercom

Not all ebooks need to feature a bold palette. Using a minimal palette in brand colors can also work nicely.
E-book design examples 14

15) Data’s Untold Story by RJMetrics

Ebooks that look more like traditional books can be particularly interesting, as this illustration-heavy ebook demonstrates.

E-book design examples 15

16) Rethink the B2B Buyer’s Journey by LinkedIn

By playing with perspective (as in this overhead shot), this image presents a different visual aesthetic that captures attention.

E-book design examples 16

17) The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics & Analytics by Marketo

Visualization will always capture attention. This cover is minimal but demonstrates how a marketing ecosystem is interconnected.E-book design examples 17

18) Create Better Work Together by Dropbox Business

Dropbox does a fantastic job of carrying its brand aesthetic across its properties. Bold typography and a bright palette make their ebooks much more dynamic.

E-book design examples 18-01

19) How to Produce Better Content Ideas by Mark Johnstone

Whereas many of these ebook examples boast a colorful cover, this black-and-white ebook cover uses shapes and minimal typography to create a clean, minimal aesthetic.


E-book design examples 19


20) The ROI of Great Content by Acrolinx

Unique shapes, pops of color, and an abstract visualization bring this cover to life in an unexpected way.


E-book design examples 20

21) The Creative Aid by Nicole Smith and Richard Tapp

Is this an ebook or a coffee table? The beautiful visuals here make it hard to tell.

E-book design examples 21

22) The Ultimate Guide To Code Reviews by Codacy

This is one of our favorite minimal ebook examples that shows how much impact you can make with minimal imagery.

E-book design examples 22

23) Native Advertising by LinkedIn

LinkedIn uses bright and bold color, balanced by minimal imagery, to bring this cover to life.

E-book design examples 23

24) Grow Your Business Without Increasing Headcount by Firm of the Future and Intuit Quick Books

Illustrations are a great way to enhance book content throughout the chapters.

E-book design examples 24

25) Content Strategy: a Guide for UX Designers by Liam King

This unique ebook uses a single impactful illustration to grab attention.

E-book design examples 25

26) The Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing by HubSpot

Marketing content is always at risk of being a little too stuffy. This illustration adds more humanity while conveying the theme.

E-book design examples 26

27) The Conversion Marketer’s Guide to Landing Page Copywriting by Unbounce

As an ebook about copywriting, this cover lets typography take the main stage—a smart choice.

E-book design examples 27

28) The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping by UXPin

Again, information design can be a powerful tool to communicate. Injecting visualizations throughout this ebook is a smart way to deliver information quickly and impactfully.

E-book design examples 28

29) Data-Driven Recruiting by LinkedIn

Ultimately, recruiting is about finding the right people, so LinkedIn uses people-centric imagery throughout this ebook to reinforce the theme.

E-book design examples 29

30) Intercom on Jobs-to-be-Done by Intercom

This collage style imagery adds more texture and depth to the design, enhancing the viewer’s experience overall.

E-book design examples 30

31) The History of Graphic Design by Jacob Shourd

Most of the ebook examples featured here are heavy on illustration, but this one is proof that great typography can create a cover just as impactful as an elaborate illustration.

E-book design examples 31

32) Connected Shoppers Report by Salesforce

Here we have another ebook example that uses a visual theme to support the story. This can add more excitement to the content and let you express more creativity throughout your design.

E-book design examples 32

33) B2B Blogging Ebook: Basics, Best Practices and Blunders by MLT Creative

White space is a powerful thing, helping the viewer focus on what really matters.

E-book design examples 33

34) The Ebook Ebook by Kranz Communications

The unique typography here is something to behold (even the watermarked background is a unique touch that elevates the cover).


E-book design examples 34

35) Maximize Your Citrix Workspace by Citrix

For a book about simplicity and clarity, this cover is the perfect choice.

E-book design examples 35

36) The B2B Content Marketing Workbook by Velocity Partners

Typography alone can add plenty of personality; that’s why we love this “hand-drawn” cover.

E-book design examples 36

37) The Essential 8: Top Reports That Every Marketer Needs by Marketo

We love covers that reflect the theme. This cover uses simple design elements to create imagery that piques your interest.

E-book design examples 37

38) The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing: Strategies, Templates & Tools by Content Marketing Institute

This comic book vibe is a departure from common marketing materials. If they wanted to make us turn our heads, mission accomplished.

E-book design examples 38

39) The Ultimate Guide to HR Analytics by Officevibe

When a cover can instantly elicit an emotion, you know it’s doing something right. This is a great ebook example that brings a smile to our face.

E-book design examples 39

40) The Art of Agile Marketing by Workfront

All we can say is A+ for creativity.

E-book design examples 40

41) The Secret Sauce by LinkedIn

This secret sauce bottle imagery appears throughout the book, as a tasty visual treat.

E-book design examples 41

42) The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation with Facebook Ads by AdEspresso

Yes, this is the second book with a magnet-centric cover, but there’s a reason these images stick. (Sorry, we had to.)

E-book design examples 42

43) The Ultimate Guide to Everything API by Safe Software

Can you tell we have a thing for hand-drawn illustrations? Only because they stand out so much, no matter how simple they are.

E-book design examples 43

44) The Optimization Benchmark Survey by Optimizely

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with your content design. This is one of those ebook examples that takes a straightforward approach, which works just fine.

E-book design examples 44

45) Attention-Driven Design: 23 Visual Principles for Designing More Persuasive Landing Pages by Unbounce

Some people are bothered by literal visual interpretations, but people are busy. Showing them what an ebook is about via illustration saves them time (and helps you connect with visual learners more effectively).

E-book design examples 45

46) Consumer Banking by Blend

A cool lavender palette is an unexpected color choice for a financial institution, but it makes it stand out.  

Blend Column Five 

47) Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials Support Secrets by Microsoft

The eye-catching pattern here adds a jolt of personality you might not expect.

E-book design examples 47

48) The Essential Guide to Internet Marketing by HubSpot

Putting the main title front and center (literally) helps people instantly understand what the ebook is about

E-book design examples 48

49) Getting Started with Zendesk Talk by Zendesk

Zendesk is all about customer service solutions that help people help people. Using human-centric illustrations is a great way to promote their mission.

E-book design examples 49

50) A Marketer’s Guide to Sales Enablement by Kapost

Photography isn’t always used in marketing ebooks, but it can be a great way to differentiate yourself.

E-book design examples 50

51) The Blueprint of Modern Product Launch Marketing by Kapost

This distinct illustration style, blue brand color, and overall ‘60s vibe showcases the brand’s personality perfectly.

E-book design examples 51

52) 10-Step Guide to Social Link Building by HubSpot

We’ve seen social media logos used in ebook covers, but using the bird/nest visual here is a creative twist.

E-book design examples 52



53) Bright Ideas: IT Customer Stories by Zendesk

This photo grid may be a basic layout, but it keeps it looking clean and minimal.

E-book design examples 53

54) How Live Chat Helps Businesses and Consumers by Zendesk

Again, Zendesk comes through with yet another ebook example featuring people-centric imagery, maintaining a consistent identity across all their content.

E-book design examples 54

55) The Definitive Guide To Marketing Your Business Online by Audience Bloom

This ebook cover isn’t just a cluster of images; it feels dynamic and exciting.

E-book design examples 55


56) The Modern Entrepreneur: How To Build A Successful Startup by Audience Bloom

In business, there are so many cliche ways to depict things. This cover adds a little more creativity with the mix of photography and hand-drawn illustrations.

E-book design examples 56

57) The Ultimate Guide to Event Planning by Expo Logic

We love that this guide almost looks like a really cool textbook. Purple is a less used color that offers a welcome change.

E-book design examples 57

58) The Ultimate Guide to Landing Page Optimization by Unbounce

This cover isn’t very elaborate, but the blue color makes it stand out—and that’s what matters.

E-book design examples 58


59) The Power of Visual Storytelling by Newscred and Getty Images

For an interactive ebook about the power of visual storytelling, you naturally need to lead with strong visuals. This hero photo is a great way to drop you into the story from the first click.

E-book design examples 59

60) Data + Design by Trina Chiasson and Dyanna Gregory

For the data geek, you know that opening image isn’t an abstract mountain range. It’s an area chart—the perfect nod to the subject covered in this interactive.

E-book design examples 60

61) Pixel Perfect Precision by Ustwo

This interactive ebook is marked by clean visuals and bold pops of color to call out the most important information.

E-book design examples 61

62) Interactive Content Marketing for Lead Generation by Ion Interactive

One of the best ways to dress up stock photography is to customize with filters and unique graphic treatments.

E-book design examples 62

63) Guide to Interactive Marketing by Ceros

A clear, easy-to-navigate layout is the key to communicating information effectively. Bold section breaks, callouts, etc. make it easy to consume this information.

E-book design examples 63

64) How to Build a Brand Newsroom by Contently and Ceros

Animated elements bring this guided narrative to life, telling the story in a more engaging way.

E-book design examples 64

65) The Definitive Guide to SEO by Data Dial

The tasteful pops of color, simple iconography, and easy navigation make this interactive a great piece of storytelling.

E-book design examples 65

66) The Definitive Guide to Conversion Optimization by Quick Sprout

The creativity in illustrations is particularly notable, especially for a seemingly dull topic like optimization.

E-book design examples 66

67) 2017 Connected Banking Customer Report by Salesforce

Animations don’t have to be terribly elaborate to be effective. This ebook brings illustrations and data to life with simple movement that creates a more dynamic experience.

E-book design examples 67

68) People for Periods by Column Five

The content design here is particularly unique, letting the user explore the parts of the story they’re most interested in.

People for Periods Best Interactive Infographics

69) Email Marketing Strategy Challenges of the Modern Marketer by Campaign Monitor

We love data, and the data visualization motif here is all kinds of cool.

E-book design examples 69

70) From Good Intentions to Great Outcomes: Designing Effective Systems of Instruction and Intervention by Pearson

This is another great example of exploratory storytelling, presenting all the information in a unique way to let the viewer choose their destination.

E-book design examples 70

71) Break Free of Boring B2B by Ceros

There’s nothing boring about this massively creative interactive with splashes of color, photography, and movement.

72) Think City by IBM

The impressive 3D animations here make you feel like you’re in a video game. 10 out of 10.

73) Diversity & Inclusion by Comcast

D&I is all about people, so Comcast also uses people-centric imagery to connect with viewers.

E-book design examples 73

74) Reaching the Summit of Success by Salesforce

We love a theme, and this map-inspired interactive adds a novelty that is refreshing.

E-book design examples 74

75) Chatbots and the Future of Real-Time Communication by Zendesk

Who doesn’t love robots? This interactive ebook smartly brings robots to life through animation.

E-book design examples 75

How to Create Your Own Ebooks

We hope these ebook examples were inspiring, but don’t just stop at inspiration. Follow our tips to bring your next ebook idea to life—as efficiently as possible. 

And if you need any expert help, we’re here for ya. Let’s chat about how we can help you lighten the load.

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