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Brand Guidelines

Preserve your brand integrity with beautifully designed and easy-to-use guidelines that keep your content on brand at all times.

Why Every Brand Needs Guidelines

If you want to cultivate brand recognition, you need to communicate consistently and cohesively. Everything from your blog articles and tweets to your website and packaging should reflect your brand. Unfortunately, without proper direction, it’s difficult to maintain strong brand integrity. You’re likely to see logos misused, the wrong colors, and other inconsistencies throughout content. (This is especially true if you’re working with outside content creators who may not be as intimately familiar with your brand.) Over time, this inconsistent presentation can dilute your brand—and even hurt your credibility. To protect your brand, you need a comprehensive guide that empowers your team to tell your brand story effectively. 

What Guidelines Should Include

A brand guide provides all the info content creators need to confidently produce on-brand content, no matter the medium. This includes detailed directions on how to apply brand elements, style guidelines, dos and don’ts, etc. While some brands may include additional elements (depending on the type of content they create), guidelines should cover brand basics, such as: 

  • Brand messaging (tagline, value proposition, messaging pillars)
  • Brand essence (voice, tone, personality)
  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Data visualization
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Photography

What matters most is that your guidelines are thorough, accessible, and easy to apply. 

How We Approach Guidelines For Your Brand

We design custom, comprehensive guidelines that include all the practical information creators need to apply your brand identity consistently and cohesively. We focus on ease of use, including tips, examples, and real-world use cases to make things as clear as possible. (Even the guidelines themselves are written in your voice and designed in your visual identity.) With your complete guidelines, you get peace of mind knowing your team can create beautiful content that accurately reflects your brand. 

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