50 Tools to Build Your Employer Brand Culture Remotely

by Katy French

One of the biggest challenges of managing a remote workforce isn’t necessarily productivity; it’s maintaining a sense of camaraderie. Life without coworkers can be great when you need to focus on a task, but it can get awfully lonely when you don’t have any opportunity to casually connect. Without those little conversations and social interactions that keep your team connected, your employer brand culture can start to erode. 

But if you’re aware of what it takes to build a strong remote culture—and able to use the right tools to nurture it—you can keep your team close, connected, and engaged. And it just so happens that we have everything you need to start right here. 

employer brand toolkit

50 Tools to Build Your Employer Brand Culture 

There’s no better time to invest in your employer brand, and there’s no reason not to when there are so many helpful tools available now. Whether you want to test out some virtual team-building activities, gauge how happy your team is, or figure out new ways to celebrate hard work, this collection of tools and resources will help you do it.

General Resources

Collaboration Tools

Communication Tools

  • Achievers: A platform to cultivate employer brand culture.
  • Chimp or Champ: A weekly anonymous employee happiness meter to check your team pulse, improve employee well-being, and achieve better results.
  • Culture Amp: A platform to connect the dots between engagement and culture. 
  • Humaxa: A Slack bot that asks for feedback, starts discussions, offers mentoring, and delivers recognition.
  • Peakon: A platform to survey your employees, analyze their feedback, and provide the insights you need to improve your business in real-time.
  • Psychological Safety Survey: Blue EQ’s survey to find out how safe your team feels, along with resources to cultivate psychological safety. 
  • Remo: A tool to create webinars, summits, live Q&As, or conferences.
  • Slido: A tool to craft interactive Q&As and polls. 
  • Totem: A way to keep leaders and teams culturally connected, informed, and engaged remotely.
  • WorkProud: Smart technology that aligns your core values, goals, and objectives with the individual aspirations of your employees.

Rewards & Recognition

  • Assembly: A recognition and engagement platform that helps scale company culture.
  • Blueboard: A platform for experiential rewards, recognition, and incentives.
  • Bonusly: A rewards platform to keep remote employees engaged.
  • HeyTaco: A tool to spark conversations, offer recognition, give virtual gifts, etc.
  • Inspirus: Recognition solutions and services that foster deep connections among your people. 
  • Kudos: An employee experience and culture platform for a more engaged team. 
  • Levy Recognition: A way to align your company goals and values to employee recognition.
  • SnackNation: Healthy snack boxes delivered to remote workers. 
  • Qarrot: Tools to recognize and reward your people your way.
  • WooBoard: A platform for peer-to-peer recognition, social features, integrated rewards, and gamification to help encourage daily interaction.


  • 10 Ways to Build Bonds: Helpful ideas to bring your team together. 
  • 57 Team-Building Activities: SnackNation’s roundup of activities, including the amount of time each one takes. 
  • 100 Ice Breakers: Fun and interesting prompts to start conversations. 
  • Donut: A Slack app to set up virtual hangouts. 
  • GameMonk: Fun and quick games that provide a nice 90-second break to the workday.
  • Global Team Building: A variety of virtual activities to help your team problem-solve and bond. 
  • Goals App: An employee perks solution that connects your team by completing fun goals to share with each other. 
  • Icebreaker: Online events that build community.
  • Jackbox Games: A suite of group games, including Quiplash, Drawful, etc. 
  • Let’s Roam: Event experts that create an unforgettable virtual team-building experience.
  • Kast: An app for virtual watch parties.
  • SwagUp: A way to create, automate, and distribute swag to remote workers through one platform. 
  • Teambuilding.com: Virtual team-building activities to create stronger culture.
  • The Escape Game: A virtual escape room experience. 
  • The Offside Co.: Virtual retreats and games to help people connect. 
  • Trivia Maker: An easy way to make your own interactive trivia game.
  • Virtual Coffee Break: Stephen Brown’s virtual meeting app to help remote coworkers enjoy casual conversations.
  • Virtual Field Trips: Great places your team can “visit” remotely.  
  • Words with Friends: A word-based team game to challenge your brain.  

If you’ve found any tools to be especially helpful, we’d love to hear about them. Just drop them in the comments below. And if you’re looking for more ways to bring your employer brand to life, try mapping your employee experience to identify strengths and weaknesses, and experiment with new ways to tell your employer brand story. You can always bring in expert help, too. Hit us up if you need help finding and keeping the best talent. 

employer brand toolkit

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