50 Creative Explainer Video Examples With a Great Brand Story

by Josh Ritchie

People have less time (and patience) to consume information, so they need brands to communicate as efficiently as possible. Enter the explainer video. Whether you’re introducing a product or service, demonstrating how to do something, or welcoming someone to your site, an explainer video lets you quickly and easily explain who you are, what you do, and why people should choose you. They’re also something that any brand can create, no matter the industry, product, or service. In the right hands, an explainer video can transform into much more than an informational video. It can become a compelling piece of brand storytelling. Need proof? We have 50 explainer video examples that demonstrate exactly that.

50 Great Explainer Video Examples

Whether you go with a simple motion graphic or a high-production live-action video, there are many ways to create interesting explainers. Here, we’ve rounded up dozens of explainer video examples that showcase how versatile this medium can be. From food and finance to tech and personal care, we hope these videos inspire you to create a fresh and unique explainer video of your own.

1.Why Mozilla” by Mozilla

2. “AI Translations Your Business Can Trust” by Unbabel

3. “NextGlass” by breadnbeyond

4. “Super Sync Sports” by No Mint

5. “Instagram Direct” by Delve

6. “Unwanted Tracking Is Not Cool” by BLACKMATH

7. “British Gas” by CHI & Partners

8. “Our Blades Are F***ing Great” by DollarShaveClub.com

9. “Stampsy Launch Video” by Twistedpoly // Nejc Polovsak

10. “Don’t Be A Pitch” by Vireo Films

11. “Dumb Ways To Die” by Passion Paris

12. “Shark Wrap” by Video Brewery

13. “Hummingbird” by Hummingbird

14. “Lettuce App” by Brandon Wall

15. “Introducing Whistle” by Manifold

16. “Poo-Pourri Second Hand Stink” by A76 Production

17. “LivePlan Explainer” by Palo Alto Software, Inc.

18. “One Is One…Or Is It?” by TED-Ed

19. “Affordable Health Care Act Explained” by TurboTax

20. “Skype for Business: Simplifying Communication in the Cloud” by Office Videos

21. “STFU” by Unbabel

22. “Web Standards for the Future” by W3C

23.” Text Me Up App” by Thinkmojo

24. “Visa Purchase Alerts” by Column Five

25. “The Happy Home Company” by Doug Ludlow

26. “Get Rewarded for Not Texting While Driving” by XL Team

27. “Just The Cream” by BriefMe

28. “Blackbaud: Essential by Impact” by Blackbaud

29. “Create Your Own Business” by Squarespace

30. “Meet Zendesk Chat” by Zendesk

31. “What is Ellevest?” by Ellevest

32. “The Value of Data Visualization” by Column Five

33. “Helping Blind See” by Be My Eyes

34. “Smart Mailbox” by Epipheo

35. “Salesforce Desk.com” by Oddfellows

36. “Visa Fingerprint Scanner Technology” by Column Five

37. “hey guy, we are hims. it’s easy.” by Hims

38. “Wondering how Thinx work?” by Thinx

39. “Intralogistics” by UPS

40. “Collect by WeTransfer” by WeTransfer

41. “Digit” by Giant Ant

42. “Meet the new Dropbox” by Dropbox

43. “How to Create an Animated GIF in Photoshop” by Adobe Creative Cloud

44. “The Explainer: The Case for More Silent Meetings” by Harvard Business Review

45. “BYOB Lumberjack Party” by Motion Authors

46. “Gusto: Payroll, Benefits & HR for the Modern, Busy Workplace” by Gusto

47. “Logitech Monitor Cloud Awareness” by Logitech

48. Invoice with Google Calendar by Column Five

49. “How Warby Parker Glasses Are Made” by Warby Parker 

50. “How It Works” by Olio

How to Create Your Own Explainer Video

If you’re feeling inspired to bring your own explainer video to life, make sure to follow best practices at every stage of the process. Here are some resources you might find helpful.

But if you don’t have the resources or time to tackle your next explainer video, bring in extra support. Check out our tips to choose the right video agency for you, or chat with us. We’re always happy to talk about any ideas you might have.

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