5 Ways VideoAmp Has Created a Brag-Worthy Culture

by Katy French

One of the best parts of working at C5 is getting a peek at the inner workings of some of the most exciting and innovative companies in tech. Not only do we get to give our creative ideas to our partners but we get plenty of inspiration in return. Over the last 4 years, VideoAmp has been one of the most consistently inspiring partners we’ve worked with, particularly when it comes to their culture.

Michelle Kim, Vice President of Brand Design at VideoAmp, recently joined us on the Best Story Wins podcast to talk about the way their team approaches marketing and culture, and the conversation reminded us just how great their culture really is. In fact, we’d say we’ve developed a bit of a culture crush in the time we’ve worked together—and we’re not alone. (They were named the #1 place to work by AdAge in 2022.)

Because we’re advocates for building a better culture (no matter your industry), we circled back with Michelle after our chat to find out exactly what it is that makes VideoAmp so great—and what we can all learn from their culture.

5 Things We Love About VideoAmp 

From their great attitude to their genius brand store, here’s why we think VideoAmp is culture #goals.

1) Their Attitude

Having worked with the team over the last few years, we can certainly say they are fantastic partners, largely due to their overall attitude. Beyond their company values, Michelle attributes their disposition to the core traits that their team embodies.

  • Humility: “Each individual approaches their job with a desire to grow and learn, which requires a lot of humility,” Michelle says. VideoAmp moves incredibly fast, so team members have to be humble enough to roll with the punches and learn from project to project. “It requires everyone to be nimble, and you can’t be nimble without humility,” Michelle says.
  • Honesty: “It is integral to empower each member to speak freely, give feedback without hesitation, and raise any issue in a space that feels completely safe,” Michelle says. By building this level of trust and intimacy, team members are more connected and eager to perform at a higher level.
  • Creativity: “We really do approach our work as creative problem-solvers,” Michelle says. By viewing everything through a creative lens, they are able to come up with better solutions for customers and more fun ways to keep their team connected.

Michelle notes that VideoAmp has also created a very welcoming environment where employees can bring their whole selves to work; most importantly, they’re respected and celebrated for that. “You can’t pay for that level of comfort,” Michelle says.

2) Their Brand Store

Creativity and design is a big part of VideoAmp’s culture, and that is evident in their incredibly cool Drop Shop, the internal company store where they release limited-run merch collections—a la streetwear brands. (Sidenote: We’re very proud to have helped VideoAmp to bring the Drop Shop concept to life.)

While some companies may toss a water bottle or keychain your way, the hype around the Drop Shop is like no other. Each collection is beautifully designed around a theme, often inspired by different aspects of the brand. For example, their “Be Better” launch features merch that uses recycled materials and sustainable packaging, encouraging employees to not only better themselves but the planet as well. And like a real fashion brand, each collection is treated as an exclusive drop—complete with promo videos.

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Since its debut, each drop has had the company buzzing, as people rush to get their hands on the new pieces. Michelle acknowledges that the Drop Shop is a monetary cost to the company, but creating a unique tangible memento that generates so much excitement and celebration is well worth the investment.

3) Their In-Person Events

In a world where so many companies have gone remote (C5 included), there is certainly something to be said for the power of in-person hangs. But with 500+ employees, a company as large as VideoAmp isn’t always going to meet around the water cooler. For that reason, VideoAmp goes all out at their annual HMCMNG (aka Homecoming) retreat.

Every part of the event is carefully designed, down to the last detail. For example, when they took over the famed Fontainebleau hotel in Miami last year, that included everything from Art Deco-inspired drink toppers to a mobile app—creating a fully immersive experience that brings their people (aka Vampers) together for social and learning experiences. This level of thought and detail makes their annual event a truly special memory that people still talk about. 

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4) Their Commitment to Wellness 

Plenty of companies pay lip service to wellness, but VideoAmp weaves wellness into every aspect of their business. From their on-site gym to fitness challenges at HMCMNG, “embrace wellness” is a value woven into the fabric of the company.

But VideoAmp’s idea of wellness extends far beyond their on-site trainers, ice baths, and decked-out gym (although those are pretty great). They have financial wellness programs to help employees secure their future. They partner with services like Modern Health to support employee mental health. New parents get parental leave with full pay to focus on what matters most. And they support professional wellness through extra learning and courses to help employees develop critical skills. 

“It’s a multi-pronged approach to create the most holistic approach to employee wellbeing,” Michelle says. 

5) They Support Employee Passions

We’ve personally talked about why we support C5ers’ side hustles and passions. (We think it’s a sign of a healthy and secure work culture.) We’re happy to know that VideoAmp shares our view, as they believe employees who are happy, passionate, and whole people are the best employees. 

In fact, because the company attracts high performers with ambition, they don’t suppress that trait. They encourage and coach those employees, which generally keeps them around longer than it normally would. (Michelle’s own passion is designing coffee table artist books, and her fellow Vampers are highly supportive of her work outside of VideoAmp.)

This entrepreneurial spirit is even celebrated in the VideoAmp Entrepreneur Series, where Cofounder and CEO Ross McCray chats with rockstar VideoAmp employees who went on to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. 

To hear more about how VideoAmp nurtures its culture and creates A+ marketing, listen to Michelle on the Best Story Wins podcast, or watch her full interview on YouTube.

How to Create a Brag-Worthy Culture Like VideoAmp

Creating a compelling culture is crucial if you want to attract and retain the best and brightest in your industry. Fortunately, you can take a note from brands like VideoAmp to cultivate an employer brand you’re proud to work for. 

Of course, you can only brag about a culture that actually exists. To build your employer brand and create a more connected team, use our free employer branding toolkit, and take a look at our employer branding resources. Remember: The more you invest in your people, the more they’ll invest in you. 

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