101+ Infographic Tools & Resources to Help Your Team

by Katy French

Infographics are as effective as ever, which is why brands should take full advantage. But not all infographics are created equal. It takes strategy and skill to create a well-crafted infographic that resonates with people. We’ve created more than 4,000 infographics over the last decade, so we know a thing or two about what can go wrong. That’s why we want to equip you with the infographic tools and resources you need to do it the right way.

101 Infographic Tools & Resources

This roundup of helpful tools, resources, and articles will help you confidently create infographics that people love. For your convenience, we’ve broken them up into categories according to each stage of the infographic creation process, from brainstorming to distribution, so you can skip to the categories you might be most interested in.


Infographic Tools & Resources for Ideas/Inspiration

  1. Why ideas are the most important piece of an infographic: Find out what makes a great infographic idea.
  2. 16 exercises to come up with great infographic ideas: Our favorite tips and tricks.
  3. 5 ways to know if your idea will work: Framework to vet your ideas.
  4. Alltop: An aggregator of the Internet’s most popular stories.
  5. Answer the Public: Visualizations of the questions people ask Google.
  6. Brainpickings: An inventory of cross-disciplinary interestingness, spanning art, science, design, history, philosophy, and more.
  7. BuzzSumo: Insights on the most-shared content on any topic.
  8. Brandwatch: Find out what web users are reading and writing related to specific keywords.
  9. Daily Infographic: Design inspiration updated each day.
  10. Discover: Tool to help discover inspiration, research opportunities, and collaborate with your team.
  11. Feedly: Aggregates all the content from your favorite publications, blogs, and keywords.
  12. FiveThirtyEight Newsletter: News, statistics, and trending topics.
  13. Forekast: A real-time record of upcoming events and holidays.
  14. Google Trends: Tracks trending subjects.
  15. Oz Content: Software to help you generate data-informed content ideas by consolidating research and ideas.
  16. Portent’s Content Idea Generator: Generates ideas based off of keywords.
  17. Scoop.It!: A site to help you find great content that you can put a spin on to publish at a later date.
  18. Trendspottr: Shows emerging trends and pre-viral content.
  19. VisualJournalism: Roundup of news in infographics.

Infographic Tools & Resources for Writing

  1. 5 tips for sourcing infographics: Dos and don’ts.
  2. Copyblogger: A blog with great tools, including e-books, articles about content marketing, and podcasts about writing.
  3. Copyscape: A website to check writing for any signs of plagiarism.
  4. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: A tool to write SEO-friendly headlines with emotional impact.
  5. How to craft an infographic narrative: The keys to great storytelling.
  6. Grammar Girl: Useful grammar tips, explained in plain English.
  7. Grammarly: A tool to correct grammar and spelling mistakes. (It detects over 250 common mistakes.)
  8. Readable: A tool that will quickly determine how readable your writing is.
  9. RefDesk: Helps you make sure your facts are straight.
  10. Title Generator: Generate solid titles for SEO.

Infographic Tools & Resources for Data sources

  1. 104 data sources: Free, public sources for your data.
  2. 9 sources in front of you: Where to look for data in your company.
  3. Awesome Public Datasets: Ongoing open data.
  4. CIA World Factbook: Facts on every country, dependency, and geographic entity in the world; focuses on history, people, government, economy, energy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues.
  5. CDC.gov: Information and sources related to public health concerns.
  6. Data360: Data-driven news stories.
  7. DataMarket: Find interesting data.
  8. Data Catalogs: Comprehensive list of open data catalogs in the world, curated by a group of leading open-data experts.
  9. Data.gov: A great collection of U.S. government data about a variety of subjects.
  10. The Data Hub: Find, use, and share data.
  11. Datasets Subreddit: Interesting and popular data sets.
  12. EveryBlock: Search data on cities.
  13. Freebase: Online data dumps.
  14. Gallup: Public opinion polls.
  15. Gapminder: Development statistics for all countries.
  16. Get the Data: Ask and answer data questions.
  17. Google BigQuery Public Datasets: Various public data sets.
  18. Google Scholar: A tool to search through a large selection of academic research and papers from across the web.
  19. Google Public Data: Data sets from around the world.
  20. Influence Explorer: Data about political influence.
  21. Kaggle Datasets: Discover and analyze open data.
  22. Knoema: Instant data for your research assignment.
  23. Library of Congress: A massive archive of books, recordings, photographs, maps, and manuscripts that are perfect for use as primary sources.
  24. Number Of: Answers to your data questions.
  25. Pew Research: A great selection of public opinion polls, demographic research, media studies, and more.
  26. Quandl: Economic and financial data.
  27. Statistics Every Writer Should Know: This is a great resource to help you understand data if you’re planning on reporting hard numbers.
  28. UCI Machine Learning Repository: 362 searchable data sets.
  29. U.S. Census Bureau: A great resource when you need information about the population, demographics, and more.
  30. World Bank Data: Key development indicators about the world.
  31. WorldMap: Geographic data

Infographic Tools & Resources for Data Visualization

  1. Data visualization 101 E-book: A guide to designing the most common charts and graphs.
  2. Data-visuliazation.org: All things data visualization.  
  3. Eagereyes: Visual communication news from Robert Kosara.
  4. Google Chart Tools: To display live data on your site.
  5. The Data Visualisation Catalogue: Great way to learn about data visualization.
  6. Information Is Beautiful: Expert thoughts from David McCandless.
  7. I Love Charts: Great Tumblr blog about charts.
  8. Visage: A data design tool that makes on-brand content creation simple.
  9. Well-Formed Data: Visualization blog by Moritz Stefaner.

Infographic Tools & Resources for Design

  1. Keys to great infographic design: What will make or break your content.
  2. 10 tips for designing effective visual content: A great guide.  
  3. 8 design mistakes to avoid: What to look for in your visual content.
  4. 6 infographic design tips: What marketers need to know.
  5. 100 inspiring tech infographics: Great design inspiration.
  6. 9 design examples to inspire you: Our roundup of some of our favorite infographics.
  7. All The Free Stock: Free stock images, video, music, and icons.
  8. Awwwards: The awards for design, creativity, and innovation on the Internet.
  9. Behance: Portfolio site to search a variety of work types.
  10. Coolors: Tool to generate color palettes.
  11. Creative Market: An online marketplace for handcrafted design assets like graphics, fonts, photos, and more.
  12. Designspiration: A simple way to search for inspiration for any design-related project.
  13. Dribbble: Portfolio site/place to find freelance designers.
  14. Infographics.Co: Column Five’s simple, low-cost infographic design you can edit yourself.
  15. Typogui: Resource for all things typography.
  16. The Noun Project: A huge icon library.
  17. Pexels: Site for free high-quality stock photos.
  18. Unsplash: Site for free high-quality stock photos. 10 new photos every 10 days.

Infographic Tools & Resources for Distribution

  1. Buffer: Tool for social media management.
  2. CoSchedule: All-in-one blog editorial calendar and social publishing tool for WordPress.
  3. How to get media to publish your infographics: Our guide to getting placement.
  4. How to optimize your infographic for SEO: What to do before you hit publish.
  5. Infographic distribution checklist: Everything to get more eyeballs on your content.
  6. The Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution: E-book primer on distributing visual content.

Infographic & Content Marketing Publications

  1. Content Marketing Institute: A great resource that provides articles on content marketing, as well as a large selection of e-books and research on various topics.
  2. Inbound: Tips, tricks, and marketing news.
  3. HubSpot Academy: Case studies, trainings, and other stuff to get inspired.
  4. Kapost: B2B content marketing platform with additional resources like webinars, templates, and e-books.
  5. NewsCred: Platform and info for content marketing creation, distribution, and measurement.
  6. Neil Patel’s blog: Great tips on SEO, growing your blog, etc.
  7. The Content Strategist: Latest and greatest industry news from Contently.

As we mentioned, we’ve created a ton of infographics. In addition to these tools, here are a few posts you might find helpful:

If you could use a little more guidance, we’d be happy to help you out.

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