Can You Make 400 Infographics in 14 Months? Here’s How We Did It

by Katy French

We’ve been making infographics for nearly a decade, but every once in a while someone gives us an infographic challenge that makes us reevaluate how we approach things. That’s what happened when Course Hero, an online educational resource platform that gives you access to millions of study sources, asked us to create 400 infographics in just 14 months.

Even for a seasoned agency, this was no easy task. Luckily, we were up to the challenge.

Having already completed 200 infographics for Course Hero over 24 months, we were familiar with the work: a series of infographics breaking down famous works of literature. (See below.) 

Course Hero Infographic Marketing

But this new ask meant we’d be doing double that work in almost half the time. So what do you do when you have a ton of infographics to make and zero time to waste? Mastermind an efficient process, assemble the right talent, scale production, and rethink the way you approach just about everything. At least that’s how we did it.

To see how we pulled off the enormous task for Course Hero, take a look at our latest case study. It’s a deep dive into everything we did, from strategy and production to scheduling and staffing, plus the impressive results.

We love any and every opportunity to solve a major communication challenge, especially when it gives us a chance to stretch our skills, expand our thinking, and help everyone do their best work. Many thanks to Course Hero for putting their trust in our hands and letting us do what we love.

If you have a big project you need to solve, we’d be happy to chat about it. And if you want to explore more of our work, find out how we produced 101 LinkedIn infographics in 24 hours, take a behind-the-scenes look at our viral Child of the ‘90s video for Internet Explorer, and see how we built a fresh brand identity and site for UC Berkeley.

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