7 Cutting-Edge Motion Graphic Examples (Plus Tips to Design Your Own)

by Travis Keith

Motion graphics are one of our favorite forms of visual content. Unlike static content, they have the unique ability to appeal to the viewer’s main sensory inputs (visual and audio) to create an emotional connection, increase information retention, and improve comprehension. This makes them one of the best storytelling tools for brands. And, luckily, there are plenty of great motion graphic examples out there that prove just how versatile the medium can be.

We like to celebrate great design work when we see it, so today we thought we’d compile a little roundup of branded motion graphics to inspire you.

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7 Well-Designed Motion Graphic Examples

Through visualizations, design, animation, voiceover, and music, these motion graphic examples tell a variety of stories, each of which makes a unique impact. We hope you enjoy them—and we welcome you to send any of your favorite motion graphic examples our way. (We’ll consider adding them in the future.)

1) “The Value of Data Visualization” by Column Five

They say knowledge is power, but how do we make knowledge powerful? The challenge of communicating information becomes especially difficult when trying to convey a message full of complex data, which is often difficult to quickly and clearly interpret to the naked eye.

This motion graphic example showcases the benefits of data visualization by demonstrating the many visual techniques used to communicate data. It’s a great example of bringing the subject to life and using the medium to deliver the story.

2) “Customer Revenue Moments” by ARIA Systems

One of our favorite motion graphic examples from a design perspective is this minute-long motion graphic from Aria Systems. The 3D design, awe-inspiring animation, and perfect music composition all come together to form a beautiful piece of visual content.

It’s a particularly great example of “focusing on the details.” The small shadows, glossy bevels, and intricate illustrations make the piece leap off the screen.

3) “Powering Agriculture” by USAID

This motion graphic looks at how clean energy technology can help impoverished people around the world. Through design and animation, it does a great job of thoroughly explaining the correlation between energy and agriculture, while walking the viewer through a very detailed idea that stresses energy’s effects on the food we produce. A great explainer video with a great message always gets our vote!

(For more on explainer videos, find out the 10 keys to a great explainer.)

4) “Explainer Video on Explainer Videos” by Column Five

Explainer videos are great for communicating complex information in an engaging way. By combining visual cues and auditory stimulation, these videos leverage the human visual communication system to maximize viewer comprehension.

This is one of those motion graphic examples that gets a little meta, demonstrating the benefits of explainer videos through an explainer video that uses voice-over, retro style, bold colors, and upbeat tempos to really engage the viewer.

5) “No Food Wasted” by NBC Universal

Data can be dry on its own, but when translated into a motion graphic, you can “see” what it means more effectively. Take this piece, for example. To showcase the staggering stats around food waste (40% of food in the United States ends up in landfills, and the average person wastes 244 pounds of food each year!), the folks at NBCUniversal created the No Food Wasted motion graphic for Earth Day 2015.

We really like the subtle texture in the motion graphic’s illustrations, as well as the music composition and clear message. All in all, it’s a great practical piece of visual content that’s short and to the point.

6) “Product Video” by KT Tape

When training for that next marathon, long-distance bicycle ride, or weekly soccer game with your friends, nothing will slow you down faster than an injury. That’s why KT Tape created this awesome motion graphic to help promote their product to athletes all around the world.

This motion graphic dives into how the product can effectively help your athletic injury and get you back in the game. We especially love the unique design of this piece. The illustrations have a hand-drawn feel to them, and the combination of bold colors on the background really bring this motion graphic to life.

7) “A Better Way to Buy and Sell Commercial Real Estate” by Ten-X

This Ten-X motion graphic explains how their state-of-the-art platform helps brokers, sellers, and buyers simplify and improve the transaction process. Bold colors and slick animation communicate the info in a visually compelling way, explaining how it all works in a solid two-minute piece.

7 Tips to Create Successful Motion Graphics

As these pieces prove, it takes a lot of skill, expertise, and work to bring these motion graphic examples to life. Unfortunately, there are plenty of things that can throw a wrench in your own project. To help your team create the best piece possible, here are some of our best, tips, tricks, and resources to get through the process as painlessly as possible:

And if you find yourself struggling to get your motion graphic out the door, don’t be afraid to get expert help. We’re always happy to chat through any creative roadblocks.

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